Watch: Breakdown 9mm AR Deployed, Fired, and Re-Stowed in Less Than 30 Seconds


This is a great, short video from HellHound Patriot.

He grabs the gun from the center console by its pistol grip with his right hand. With his left, he smoothly flips open the folding stock, and in the same motion removes the barrel assembly from its nest within the butt stock

Three seconds later, the barrel has been installed, quickly followed by the 9mm magazine.

He steps out of the vehicle, racks the action using the Devil Dog Concepts Hard Charger side charging handle, and fires off a few rounds.

Then he makes the gun safe and breaks it down again.

Oh, and the entire video is only 26 seconds long! That is fast work.

I think I want a dozen of these, but I’d settle for two.

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I want more stuff like this!

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