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Recent Posts KA-BAR Destruction Test


This week’s features a popular knife: the KA-BAR. KA-BAR, as a brand, is synonymous with durable and affordable bushcraft and tactical knives. Noss puts this old favorite to the test in this three-part destruction test. Noss begins by creating notches in a plank of wood, which Read More…

Weigh In: What’s Wrong with Survival Television

Is it more harmful than helpful?


Survival television shows like Man vs. Wild and Survivorman have changed the survival industry, for better or for worse. In some ways, they’ve helped show the importance of preparedness, which can aid in educating the masses who don’t always see prepping as a vital life-saving endeavor. Read More… Fallkniven A1 Basic Test


This week’s test is a nice break from the destruction test we shared last week. This two-part video features the Fallkniven A1, a notable survival knife that costs about $393. Fallkniven is a Swedish company that makes a variety of knives, including fixed blades, chef knives, and survival and Read More…

The Birth of a Tool, Part 3


Last week, we shared parts 1 and 2 in John Neeman Tools’ “The Birth of a Tool” documentary. Part 3 concludes the series and is my personal favorite, as it showcases the process of creating a knife from scratch. This particular knife is a Scandinavian Damascus Steel knife. The video Read More…