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Award winning outdoor writer/photographer since 1978. Over 3000 articles and columns published nationally. Field & Stream Hero of Conservation in 2007. Fields of writing includes hunting most game in American, Canada, and Europe, fishing fresh and saltwater, destination travel, product reviews, industry consulting, and conservation issues. Currently VP at largest community college in Mississippi in economic development and workforce training with 40 years of experience in Higher Education. BS-MS in wildlife sciences from MO. University, and then a PhD in Industrial Psychology. Married with two children and Molly the Schnoodle.

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Every gun owner I know eventually learns to tinker on their guns. It is an essential skill for preppers and all survivalists. I mean there are so many things a gun owner can learn to do on their own guns that some gunsmithing skills just seem to come naturally. Working on guns certainly requires Read More…

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Fishing is tough when it is 100 degrees with a humidity to match. Most anglers with any sense are probably at the house hugging the recliner in the cool air and watching golf or NASCAR. If summer fishing is in the blood though, some good bass can still be snagged early in the morning and[.....]


What criterion do you use to purchase a new handgun, especially a concealed weapon? Is it by overall size of the firearm, the caliber, the barrel length, magazine capacity, or what? Do you have a ranking system you use to make the best final decision for the “right” gun to buy? How about Read More…


If you had to “throw” together a quick, down-and-dirty, and out-the-door SHTF cook kit, what would you put into it? I am talking bare minimum here to get you by in the very short haul. This may mean just a day or two in travel from your primary home to a Bug Out location or[.....]


Gun concealment inside a vehicle is essential at times. If you travel a good bit, especially in areas of town that are not particularly safe, then it may be a regular practice for you to keep a loaded gun in the vehicle. Having that firearm in a regular waist holster may not always be the[.....]


I know of many preppers that are proud as punch of their multi-pocketed Bug Out packs. That is until they try to find something in one of the many zippered or Velcro® hidey places some of these humongous packs have designed into them. Sometimes too many pockets, pouches, and slip sleeves can create Read More…


What if you could go to a single source outlet for a great deal of your prepping equipment and supply needs? It can definitely a hassle to shop numerous shops, stores, and outlets to find everything you need or want for your SHTF prepping and/or a formal Bug Out plan. It is nice to have[.....]


The AR rifle platform is the most popular rifle format for prepping, survival, property protection, offensive/defensive shooting, and even general hunting. One of the secondary reasons the gun platform remains so prolific is the flexibility to customize the rifle to suit personal needs, interests, Read More…