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Award winning outdoor writer/photographer since 1978. Over 3000 articles and columns published nationally. Field & Stream Hero of Conservation in 2007. Fields of writing includes hunting most game in American, Canada, and Europe, fishing fresh and saltwater, destination travel, product reviews, industry consulting, and conservation issues. Currently VP at largest community college in Mississippi in economic development and workforce training with 40 years of experience in Higher Education. BS-MS in wildlife sciences from MO. University, and then a PhD in Industrial Psychology. Married with two children and Molly the Schnoodle.

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Aubrey and family

The Mississippi Wildlife Federation a statewide chapter of the National Wildlife Federation with the mission statement “to conserve Mississippi’s natural resources and protect our wildlife legacy” has announced receiving a grant of $35,000 from Walmart to be used to support the Federation’s Read More…


Being able to quickly bring a handgun to bear during a Bug Out could be life saving. Part of this capability means finding and using a good holster for gun security and carry. Many options are available, some better suited to a Bug Out than others. Let’s take a look. For a measure of Read More…


No guys, this is not about making out in the back seat of the Camaro. Noodling is the sort of unofficial nickname given to the fishing style of using a floating device to suspend a fishing line for the catching of fish, usually catfish, but other species as well. When I was in college back[.....]

Masters of Handgrabbing 3

The art of fishing for catfish by grabbing them with your hands is known regionally as handgrabbing, grabbing, or noodling. Whatever you call the sport, it has really been gaining ground the past few years. Now groups of grabbers are forming teams to pull out heavy loads of cats from local rivers or Read More…


There’s an old saying that goes like this: the best two days of boat ownership are the day you buy one and the day you sell it. I know my dad had fits with fishing boats all of our growing up years. Either it was the motor won’t crank, dead battery, water in the gas[.....]

Worms 2

Fishing with live baits is a natural thing. I have no clue who decided a worm on a hook could catch fish, but it was certainly a timeless discovery. Every kid that grew up fishing that pond in the back forty or that slough ditch behind the house knew to take a shovel for digging[.....]


Most gun enthusiasts it seems generally like all kinds of guns. Even so, we all have our favorites either defined by types of actions, calibers or gauges, or brand names. There are shotgun people, those for whom “rifles rule,” and the handgunners. Then you can further break down those general Read More…


In the great northwestern state of Washington, salmon fishing is king. One of the best places to do it is up on the far reaches of the Olympic Peninsula in a tiny little fishing hamlet town named Sekiu (pronounced like See-Koo). Sekiu is perched on the edge of Clallam Bay, overlooking the Strait of Read More…

2013 Turkey Kill2

Alas turkey hunting seasons are quickly wrapping up all over the country. If you have not yet scored on a boss gobbler like me, then now is the time to pull out all the stops. Frankly, weather here in the south has been the worst ever for turkey hunting seasons that I can recall for[.....]


America is blessed with numerous public access national parks, which were created under the presidential administration of Theodore Roosevelt in 1916. The National Park Service is a branch of the U.S. Department of the Interior. To date there are 59 officially designated national parks in the United Read More…