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Award winning outdoor writer/photographer since 1978. Over 3000 articles and columns published nationally. Field & Stream Hero of Conservation in 2007. Fields of writing includes hunting most game in American, Canada, and Europe, fishing fresh and saltwater, destination travel, product reviews, industry consulting, and conservation issues. Currently VP at largest community college in Mississippi in economic development and workforce training with 40 years of experience in Higher Education. BS-MS in wildlife sciences from MO. University, and then a PhD in Industrial Psychology. Married with two children and Molly the Schnoodle.

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Hunting Camp Work – Refreshing Stands

It's nearly September and fall hunting seasons are just around the corner. Time is now to start getting all your hunting stands ready.


Assessing the status of hunting stands is an annual ritual at deer camp. We usually reserve a full day or two at our camp each year to work on stands. It is amazing what the impact of sitting out in the sun and weather for nearly a year can make on wooden and steel hunting[.....]

Review: Quake Industries Stag Seat

Need an all-terrain outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping seat? This is it.


It may seem odd to call a camp seat an All-Terrain product, but then the Quake Industries All-Terrain Seat comes as close to anything I can imagine. As a connoisseur of hunting camp seating equipment, I have found the Quake Stag a superior version of the common seat to have around the camp, in Read More…

Review: Rock River’s LAR-8 Elite Operator

This .308 AR platform rifle can really perform in the hunting field.


I am an unabashed fan of the AR rifle platform. I wasn’t always though. I grew up on lever actions and bolt guns as a hunter. I killed my first white-tailed deer with a Winchester Model 94 in 30-30 I bought from J. C. Penney in Columbia, Mo for a whopping $66 new in the[.....]

Short Course on Seward Salmon

Fishing out of Seward, Alaska some of the best on the planet.


If you have never been to Alaska, then get out your bucket list and immediately put an entry in under “place to go this year.” All of Alaska is a postcard state, but few of the destinations are as panoramic as the southern coastal town of Seward direct down Highway 9 (also known as the[.....]

S&W Governor: A Solid Bug-out Handgun

The unique Smith and Wesson Governor is perfect for protection work and any survival scenario.


For preppers trying to escape impending doom, busting out in a Bug-Out escape mode can be a scary time. Everything is on the line as the threat increases and finally you give the nod to go. Now is the time. No more delays. The Bug-Out location has long been chosen, prepared, and stocked. All Read More…

X-Ray Guns: Beautiful Prints of CAT Scanned Firearms

Gun enthusiasts will find these specialized prints a great conversation piece.


Looking for a really special Christmas present this year for a firearms enthusiast? This is the ticket then. A local physician (radiologist by profession) is not only an active Class III firearms shooter and gun collector, but has also developed a unique hobby and sideline. Dr. Houston Hardin does Read More…

Crossbreed Holsters are a Breed Apart

For a secure, comfortable handgun carry, the Crossbreed Holsters offer both.


You’ve heard the cliché, “I’ve got a box full of holsters, but I’m still searching for just the right design to do what I want a holster to do.” Well, my search is over. Back in 2005 when entrepreneur Mark Craighead tired of his overflowing box of holsters that did not work, he Read More…

Building a Hunting Camp Med Kit

Accidents happen in deer camp from minor cuts, abrasions to broken arms, and worse. Are you prepared with a med kit to deal with it?

Med kits 2

All in all, hunting is a pretty safe activity, but things do happen around the camp, out in the field or woods, or conducting any number of everyday outdoor tasks. Every hunter should have some kind of basic or extended medical first aid kit in their primary vehicle, and another one around the camp Read More…

Best Blades for Deer Head Caping

These are the recommended type blades for doing careful caping work on valuable game animal heads.


A bowie knife makes a poor choice for caping out a deer head. For this kind of precision cutting work, a big, heavy duty blade is definitely not what is needed. Finesse is the order of the day when it comes to getting in close to make small, precise, razor like cuts around critical areas[.....]