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Award winning outdoor writer/photographer since 1978. Over 3000 articles and columns published nationally. Field & Stream Hero of Conservation in 2007. Fields of writing includes hunting most game in American, Canada, and Europe, fishing fresh and saltwater, destination travel, product reviews, industry consulting, and conservation issues. Currently VP at largest community college in Mississippi in economic development and workforce training with 40 years of experience in Higher Education. BS-MS in wildlife sciences from MO. University, and then a PhD in Industrial Psychology. Married with two children and Molly the Schnoodle.

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Indeed single action handguns still have a role in the shooting community, and in some senses there is a bit of a revival going on. Handgunners are seemingly totally enamored with semi-auto pistols. Preppers, survivalists, self-defense gurus, and concealed weapons carry enthusiasts are all in on Read More…


If you recall seeing the movie some years ago entitled Panic Room starring Jody Foster, you may remember the elaborate security room she had in her house. It was highly sophisticated with an automatic steel door, a camera monitoring system around the entire house, communications, and provisions. It Read More…


Working gun shows for nearly forty years now, I have seen some pretty interesting characters buying guns and some rather strange trades over the years. Gun shows are basically designed to buy, sell, and trade firearms. It is a legal, legitimate business for many, a hobby for a large number of Read More…


How often do you get to go to the shooting range? I bet it is not nearly enough. I have a range at deer camp, but there is a lack of ranges in my area. Two have closed in the past couple of years and the one remaining has an arduous membership process and a[.....]


This past weekend I was fortunate enough to participate in a conference of women shooters belonging to The Well-Armed Woman organization. This was a regional group of about 70 women shooters from several different states surrounding the host chapter in Raymond, Mississippi. The local Clinton-Raymond Read More…


Do you ever take notice how sometimes items just seem to slowly creep into the firearms realm? There is little to no fanfare for some of these, and then sometimes even after an announcement the thing never happens after all. I am still chapped at Browning for never actually producing the .284 Read More…


Trends come and go in the world of firearms development. Way back in the day, a sixgun had a groove cut down the center of the top strap of the frame and a half-moon sort of front sight blade. That front sight could be filed down to change the gun’s shooting point of impact. Pretty[.....]