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Award winning outdoor writer/photographer since 1978. Over 3000 articles and columns published nationally. Field & Stream Hero of Conservation in 2007. Fields of writing includes hunting most game in American, Canada, and Europe, fishing fresh and saltwater, destination travel, product reviews, industry consulting, and conservation issues. Currently VP at largest community college in Mississippi in economic development and workforce training with 40 years of experience in Higher Education. BS-MS in wildlife sciences from MO. University, and then a PhD in Industrial Psychology. Married with two children and Molly the Schnoodle.

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Crossbreed Holsters are a Breed Apart

For a secure, comfortable handgun carry, the Crossbreed Holsters offer both.


You’ve heard the cliché, “I’ve got a box full of holsters, but I’m still searching for just the right design to do what I want a holster to do.” Well, my search is over. Back in 2005 when entrepreneur Mark Craighead tired of his overflowing box of holsters that did not work, he Read More…

Building a Hunting Camp Med Kit

Accidents happen in deer camp from minor cuts, abrasions to broken arms, and worse. Are you prepared with a med kit to deal with it?

Med kits 2

All in all, hunting is a pretty safe activity, but things do happen around the camp, out in the field or woods, or conducting any number of everyday outdoor tasks. Every hunter should have some kind of basic or extended medical first aid kit in their primary vehicle, and another one around the camp Read More…

Best Blades for Deer Head Caping

These are the recommended type blades for doing careful caping work on valuable game animal heads.


A bowie knife makes a poor choice for caping out a deer head. For this kind of precision cutting work, a big, heavy duty blade is definitely not what is needed. Finesse is the order of the day when it comes to getting in close to make small, precise, razor like cuts around critical areas[.....]

Distinct Advantages of Thermal Imaging

Seeing in the dark is one thing, but being able to read heat signatures is something else altogether.


Seeing thermal images in the dark of night is cool. I was given the opportunity for a month to check out the FLIR Scout PS series handheld thermal imaging unit, and even in a limited product test mode, my mind was going wild conjuring up the multiple uses for such a tool. I wish it[.....]

Focus on Optics Planet OPMOD Best Buys

High quality optics are available for reasonable prices. Check out these OPMOD models from Optics Planet .


In the world of hunting there can be no substitute for having quality optics at hand. I have found that out the hard way a number of times, but never again. So many quality optics are on the shelves these days that no self-respecting hunter of any game animal should be without a good set[.....]

Summer Deer Camp Work Projects

Too hot to fish, too hot to camp, how about taking on some hunting camp work projects now?

Jason's condo 2

The mercury is supposed to pop over 100 degrees this week. With all the recent rains, the water is coming up out of the ground and making the humidity tough. So, what better time to talk about getting some work projects done at deer camp? What else is there to do with free weekend time?[.....]

Three Goodies from Montie Gear

Here are some cool innovative products for gun cleaning, shooting, and camping.


An outdoors publication editor asked me once “How many ways can you describe how to kill a rabbit?” His meaning was that some topics are just plain beat to death in outdoor magazines and there is rarely any new information to be offered about such topics. Likewise there are some neat products Read More…

Kel-Tec’s KSG Serious Defense Shotgun also Hunts

Just the thought of a 12-shot shotgun is threatening enough. The new Kel-Tec KSG is one unique firearm.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen or heard of the Kel-Tec KSG shotgun. There is nothing else like it on the market today. The look, design, feel, and features make the Kel-Tec KSG one unique firearm. One can maybe debate its principal utility, but not the functional Read More…

The Case for Quality Scope Mounts and Rings

A rifle's inherent accuracy can never be achieved unless the scope is mounted correctly.


Regardless of the money you just spent on that new scope for your deer rifle, its quality doesn’t matter much if it is not mounted properly in suitable rings. Now is not the time to go cheap. You bought a good rifle and a good optical scope, so also buy some high quality rings and[.....]

Gum Creek’s Concealment Vehicle Mount

This vehicle gun mount will hold a handgun securely and in concealment mode.


One of the questions that often arises is what is the best manner to carry a handgun in a vehicle that is both readily available and also concealed to any outside prying eyes? If the vehicle driver does not wish to be wearing the gun on their person inside the vehicle, he has to look[.....]