Editor & Contributing Writer Russ Chastain is a lifelong hunter and shooter who has spent his life learning about hunting, shooting, guns, ammunition, gunsmithing, reloading, and bullet casting.

He started toting his own gun in the woods at age nine and he’s pursued deer with rifles since 1982, so his hunting knowledge has been growing for more than three and a half decades. His desire and ability to share this knowledge with others has also grown, and Russ has been professionally writing and editing original hunting & shooting content since 1998.

Russ Chastain has a passion for sharing accurate, honest, interesting hunting & shooting knowledge and stories with people of all skill levels.

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(Image: © Russ Chastain)

I wasn’t familiar with Citadel when I first laid eyes on this knife, but I’m glad I ran across it. The Citadel Chantha is not too big for EDC, it opens smoothly, locks open securely, looks great, and is easy to clean. The high carbon N690Co stainless steel blade wasn’t designed for Read More…

(Image: Cimarron Firearms)

Cimarron Firearms has just announced a new Colt-style single action revolver named for General George S. Patton. It’s nickel plated as well as engraved, chambered in 45 Colt like the gun Patton toted during Big Rumble 2. Cimarron pays tribute to Gen. George S. Patton with this exquisite Read More…

All of this lead will be consumed by the factory in one day.

I really enjoyed this video, which shows us how CCI 22 rimfire ammo is made in CCI’s factory. To begin, circles are punched out of sheet brass and cold-formed into small brass cups. Then to relieve the stress of the cold forming process, they are annealed. After a wash and dry, a drawing Read More…


The M1917 revolver has a pretty cool story, and I’ve written about it before. Basically, when the USA entered World War 1, there weren’t enough 1911 pistols, and nobody could gear up to make them fast enough. The solution was to contract the two largest revolver manufacturers in the Read More…

(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Once you reach a certain age, you realize the lessons you remember most are the ones you learned the hard way. This one was painful, but I was able to make good use of it just a little while later. On a warm November morning, I walked a trail in Florida’s Ocala National Forest with[.....]


I’ve been using Bipod Shooting sticks for more than a decade, and although I sometimes use fancier or more deluxe methods of propping up my gun while hunting, I continue to appreciate the simplicity and versatility of this handy little product. It’s made of two three-section hollow black Read More…

An array of 22 rimfire pistols and rifles. (Photo © Russ Chastain)

A few months back, I wrote about two new 22 LR loads from Federal Cartridge Co, which were being offered in bulk packs of 275 rounds. Well, I managed to get my hands on some and take it to the range with a few select firearms to see how it does. The ammo comes in[.....]


Ever since the first gun-shaped mailbox was created and then widely publicized on the internet, the idea has really caught on. Here’s a collection of photos of mailboxes shaped like guns–and even ammo! Some are well-proportioned, and others, well, not so much. But each and every one of Read More…