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2016 was a good, but not great year for Spyderco. They pushed their Taiwan OEM to produce make more and ever increasingly complex knives and they did resulting in things like the Nirvana, Spyderco’s first integral. But they also did three things across their product line that were difficult on Read More…


Cold Steel, oh Cold Steel–ever the source of LARP-made-real weapons, Lynn Thompson killing people with his Force ability (Boop! Your Dead), and quality cutlery hidden in a massive mountain of machismo and controversy. It seems like a full 90% of what they do is antagonizing the rest of the Read More…


CRKT had good year in terms of releases and a few missteps in terms of steels. Overall 2016 was good for them with a few new collaborators, including the exceedingly popular Jespers Voxnaes. They also had a knife, the Homefront, that got a lot of attention in mainstream sources and for very good Read More…

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At this point S30V is the very definition of passe. You can find it on mid-priced Gerbers, and if there is anything in the knife world that is more passe than that, I don’t know what it is. And now, even its successor, S35VN, is pretty easy to find in a knife. Things have changed[.....]


When our first son was born we discovered a wonderful book for children called The Cow Loves Cookies. It had a brilliant rhyme to it and some sterling illustrations. Over the years, both my wife and I came to love reading the book and my son came to love listening to it. Now, as we[.....]