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Braven BRV-X Weatherproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

This tough wireless speaker can replace stereo systems and go anywhere you go.

Braven BRV-X Speaker. The red thing is for attaching a strap.

I have always loved music, and in recent years I’ve become increasingly addicted to the convenience of carrying a bunch of music around in my smart phone and playing it on whatever speaker system is handy, whether it’s my truck stereo, a portable speaker, or whatever. And the wireless Read More…

Book Takes a Look Inside Mass Killer’s Mind

A Voice out of Nowhere: Inside the mind of a mass murderer, by Janice Holly Booth

A Voice out of Nowhere: Inside the mind of a mass murderer book cover

Mass murderers do much to damage us as a society. This includes the people they kill, injure, and terrorize; the police officers and emergency medical workers who must bear witness to the horror they leave behind; the citizens left to live with the emotional scars and lack of trust that results from Read More…

Jewelry for the Fisherman (and Fisherwoman)

Sterling silver cuff links, lapel/tie tacks, silver rings, earrings, and pendants especially for folks who fish.

Fly rod brooch/lapel pin with loop, by Tight Lines Jewelry

Sometimes, you need a gift for a fisherman who has everything or a lady who fishes but also enjoys a bit o’ bling. If so, Tight Lines Jewelry might have just what you’re looking for. Described on the website as “a passionate expression of the fly angler,” this company offers Read More…

Liberty Ammunition’s Lead-Free Civil Defense Ammo Adds 38 Special

The popular revolver round is the latest addition to an interesting line of defensive ammo.

Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 38 Special

Defending life and liberty is essential to any and all people, and when a nation has at least some freedom to offer its citizens, that includes the ability to carry firearms and to use them in defense of life and property. Firearms are made more effective for any given task by selecting the proper Read More…

Adventure Medical Kits: Basic First Aid and Shelter for the Outdoors

Every time you venture into the wilds, a basic first aid kit should be packed.

Med kits 2

It was very cold during our deep winter deer hunt in Northern Missouri, near the hamlet of Greentop only a few short miles from the Iowa border. It had been spitting snow, sleet, and other nasty atmospherics, including a few gusts of sideways wind. Most anybody with any sense would have been holed Read More…

Holiday Gift Guide: Youth

Columbia Toddler Mini Pixel Wind Jacket These Columbia mini Pixel jackets for kids are fantastic. They’re reasonably priced, durable, and (most importantly) plenty warm. It’s rare to find jackets for toddlers that combine high quality level and price, but the Columbia Pixel is one of Read More…

Holiday Gift Guide: Menswear

5.11 Range Vest Regular AllOutdoor readers know that the staff here are big fans of gear from 5.11 Tactical, and this range vest is no exception. Made from teflon-coated ripstop fabric, this comfortable, lightweight range vest sports plenty of pockets for extra mags, shooting glasses, ear Read More…

Holiday Gift Guide: Optics

All the better to see you with.

Leupold Rangefinder It’s not that my eyesight is getting fuzzy at my post-60 years of age, but it is. But that’s not the primary reason for having an electronic rangefinder in hand while hunting. Despite what most hunters think or say, most of us are pitiful at judging distances from our Read More…