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As everyone knows by now, the SIG P320 pistol is slated to replace the long serving Beretta 92 and its variants as the Army’s new handgun. As far as I know the Beretta has been a pretty good sidearm for the troops afield, but every so often the military gets the itch for something new.[.....]


With the permission of the Wise Company distributors of quality prepared foods, we are presenting here their basic survivalist guide summarized into easy to understand, prepare, and steps to follow to guide your disaster prepping plans. The sovereign landscape of America has its share of naturally Read More…


The Gear World was a cornucopia of treats this year. Production stuff was amazing and custom gear was an embarrassment of riches. We saw more diversity in designs than ever before, a broadening of the geographic regions that produce quality stuff, and tantalizing glimpses into what could be an even Read More…


What it is they say on radio, “Time to take a break for a crass commercial message?” Well, this is not really that. For nearly two years now or about that, this author has been writing material for, its readership, and audiences. The topics of all those pieces have covered a big Read More…


I love the The Wirecutter. As a product reviewer and a review JUNKY, I can’t get enough of that website. Every once in a while I somehow stumble into a very serious review of a Miele Vacuum cleaner and read the whole thing. So, when they came out with reviews and comparisons of products Read More…

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At this point S30V is the very definition of passe. You can find it on mid-priced Gerbers, and if there is anything in the knife world that is more passe than that, I don’t know what it is. And now, even its successor, S35VN, is pretty easy to find in a knife. Things have changed[.....]