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What it is they say on radio, “Time to take a break for a crass commercial message?” Well, this is not really that. For nearly two years now or about that, this author has been writing material for, its readership and audiences. The topics of all those pieces have covered a big Read More…


I love the The Wirecutter. As a product reviewer and a review JUNKY, I can’t get enough of that website. Every once in a while I somehow stumble into a very serious review of a Miele Vacuum cleaner and read the whole thing. So, when they came out with reviews and comparisons of products Read More…

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At this point S30V is the very definition of passe. You can find it on mid-priced Gerbers, and if there is anything in the knife world that is more passe than that, I don’t know what it is. And now, even its successor, S35VN, is pretty easy to find in a knife. Things have changed[.....]

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I’ve never been known to write glowing reviews. In fact, more than one company rep has been angered by my no-nonsense criticisms of their products. But it looks like this won’t be one of those times. This time I’m reviewing a backpack from Lander, a name I didn’t know before. Read More…