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It has been in vogue for several years for gun manufacturer’s to make special, limited edition production runs of certain firearm models. Ruger does this all the time with limited models sold through special exclusive outlets like Gallery of Guns, Lipsey’s and others. Accordingly these models Read More…

New Wood N' Stream Boots with 3M Thinsulate Platinum

Several years ago someone asked about my choice of footwear and why I never wore slip on shoes in public, such as crocs and flip-flops.  The answer was simple, “I want to be able to run if I need to.”  Even at home I rarely wear slip on shoes. The person looked at me with[.....]


For some, the idea of a pocket knife is a small, thinly ground slipjoint. Anything else is a weapon. For folks that are newer to the knife world, it wasn’t a knife unless it opened with one hand. When I started writing about gear, it was never the two shall meet. But a few years[.....]


Many companies now offer pistols with the option to mount a small red dot on the slide. We all know red dots have been used in competition for some time. But is it right for concealed carry? It would be nice to use if, say, it was dark outside, you are getting attacked and you[.....]

Vaughan Bear Claw nail puller & pry bar. (Photo: Vaughan Tools)

The fetish of collecting things to survive on regularly crosses over into the world of everyday-use stuff.  One item I have always liked to keep in my carry gear was a Cat’s Paw, also known as a Japanese Nail Puller. Japanese woodworkers are very familiar with this tool because it is often Read More…

Heckler & Koch's Striker Fired VP9SK

Heckler & Koch has introduced the VP9SK, which is a new subcompact striker-fired handgun. This new handgun from H&K will make its first appearance at the 2017 NRA Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia. The VP9SK offers ambidextrous magazine and slide release controls and accepts 10-15 round Read More…


Have you noticed your hands shaking a little bit at the gun counter? Do you break out in a cold sweat and have heart palpitations? Is your vision blurring even just a little bit? If so, then you may be suffering from Glockoma. It is an ailment of sorts that is near approaching epidemic Read More…