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Cold Steel, oh Cold Steel–ever the source of LARP-made-real weapons, Lynn Thompson killing people with his Force ability (Boop! Your Dead), and quality cutlery hidden in a massive mountain of machismo and controversy. It seems like a full 90% of what they do is antagonizing the rest of the Read More…


Our sister site has been checking out new hunting gear at the 2017 ATA Show. This video highlights two models of Browning Speed Load replaceable-blade knives, which are impressive. I have had a Sheffield Rhino knife for years, and what I like best about it is its ability to solidly Read More…


CRKT had good year in terms of releases and a few missteps in terms of steels. Overall 2016 was good for them with a few new collaborators, including the exceedingly popular Jespers Voxnaes. They also had a knife, the Homefront, that got a lot of attention in mainstream sources and for very good Read More…

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At this point S30V is the very definition of passe. You can find it on mid-priced Gerbers, and if there is anything in the knife world that is more passe than that, I don’t know what it is. And now, even its successor, S35VN, is pretty easy to find in a knife. Things have changed[.....]

Best skinning knife

Hunting season is upon us, so let’s take a few minutes to talk about what makes a good skinning knife. Some people may believe any type of knife would make a good skinner. This is simply untrue. There are certain types of knives that make good skinners, and there are certain types that make Read More…

Rusted Fairbairn Sykes

What is one of the worst things that can be done to a knife, besides deliberate abuse? To put it away and forget about it. Knives are made of steel, and steel rusts. Let un-oiled and forgotten, rust and corrosion will slowly develop. Left in a drawer for years, the rust may pit the blade[.....]