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For some, the idea of a pocket knife is a small, thinly ground slipjoint. Anything else is a weapon. For folks that are newer to the knife world, it wasn’t a knife unless it opened with one hand. When I started writing about gear, it was never the two shall meet. But a few years[.....]


Fortunately, some of the best multitools are priced below $30 and one of the most recommended pieces of kit I can think of is a $30 multitool (the first entry below). Why is it that there is so much value for so few dollars in this area?  I think there are two reasons: 1) unlike[.....]


After taking a look at inexpensive fixed blade knives, the ideal beaters for the camp site or backwoods hike, I think we should take a look at rugged folding knives priced at $30 or below. This is pretty harsh price point and each of these knives has some sort of drawback or flaw. But the[.....]


Don’t think you need to save five paychecks to kit yourself out. If done right, you can do it on the cheap. None of these recommendations will cost more than $40, and I will try to find stuff significantly lower than that. Fixed blades can be tricky. The knives are pretty simple; generally Read More…

Survival knife

There is something primal about a sharp knife. Because their survival depended on it, our ancestors put forth a great deal of time and effort to shape stone into a cutting edge. After a mammoth was taken down, our ancestors would probably carve up the beast, bring dinner back to the camp, and tell Read More…

Image courtesy of Browning

I am generally not a fan of Browning’s knife offerings. That said, they have over the last two years really stepped up their game, offering interesting designs with higher end materials. A lot of these designs are pretty traditional, with a lot of hunting-related blades, an unsurprising fact Read More…