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So here we are, waiting out the worst ammo shortage since WWII, terrified to think about going to the range to shoot what could be the last box of ammo we may see in the next month or more. What to do, what to do? Amidst the empty ammo shelves at my local gun shop,[.....]


Every good rifleman finds ways to support his habit, and disabled hunters should be no different. I’m talking about using a sturdy rest when shooting your firearm. Whether you’re toting a rimfire to hunt small game such as squirrels or a centerfire in pursuit of larger quarry, a rifle rest helps Read More…


Bug-out bags are typically divided into two types: the larger SHTF or INCH (I’m Not Coming Home) bags, which typically carry at least three days worth of supplies, and the smaller Get Home Bag (GHB), which, as the name implies, is a smaller bag containing no more than 24 hours worth of Read More…


As someone who is new to backpacking and obsessive about gear, I’ve recently done a lot of research into what products are affordable but still lightweight, easily packed and durable. My research brought me to the Klymit Static V. Klymit is an interesting company with more than just inflatable Read More…

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Blade steel is the heart of any good knife, and yet for a lot of folks, wading in to metallurgy is not a fun or profitable venture.  For steel junkies, blade steel is the very reason to buy a knife, but for the rest of us, it’s all just an alphabet soup of terms.  What[.....]


I am addicted to coats of all styles, colors and shapes. I have two closets filled (ok maybe three, but who is counting) with what could be or might be a better jacket than the last. I own both stand-alone jackets and those that can be layered, but I most often find myself wearing a[.....]

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Let’s play a game. Take this little quiz, it takes about 30 seconds: 1.  Do you have a bag on your person that contains things like a water filtration system, a method for lighting fires, and/or a fixed blade with more than 4″ of blade length? 2.  Do you carry a backup knife with Read More…


Platypus is extremely well known for their water bladders and bottles. I use and love their PlatyBottle and Big Zip SL, and now they’ve branched into a new market with their line of hydration packs that greatly vary in size. Given that Platypus’s parent company, Cascade Designs, also Read More…