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So, you just bought a new handgun. It set you back several hundred dollars and you are proud as heck to have finally bought just what you wanted. Now, you are going to toss it under the truck seat, or in the ATV tool box, or in a drawer somewhere in the house? Shame on[.....]


Ever wonder how hot that 9mm handgun cartridge is in your personal protection arsenal? Well, maybe not hot enough, if you consider the case of a Redmond, Oregon woman who was watching TV when a stray 9mm round thumped her in the head and bounced off without so much as puncturing the skin. “She Read More…


What it is they say on radio, “Time to take a break for a crass commercial message?” Well, this is not really that. For nearly two years now or about that, this author has been writing material for, its readership, and audiences. The topics of all those pieces have covered a big Read More…


Why is this so hard to understand? Gun in the house? Kids in the house? Kids have friends over that have never been around a firearm? Yet, curiosity has definitely killed or severely injured more than the cat. If you own guns, then secure them. If you do not have a gun safe or a[.....]


Just when you think you’ve seen the last of Remington’s recalls, they surprise ya. After decades of denial and quietly settling lawsuits resulting from faulty “Walker” triggers on their Model 700 rifles, Remington finally caved to immense pressure placed upon them by the Read More…


You just bought your first big game rifle, a new handgun, or a shotgun for turkey hunting or self-defense, and you’re headed off to the local range. You show up in your new pearly white tennis shoes with a bag full of ammo. When you check in the Range Master asks to see your shooting[.....]


Tunnel vision can be a problem at the SHOT Show. You see so many things that it can be overwhelming, especially when you are hustling along crowded aisles so you can make it to an appointment. So I guess it’s natural that it was only on the third or fourth pass by the Altus booth[.....]


It was a not good month for hunting accidents in Mississippi. Since the first of last January there had been two fatal hunting accidents within the Delta National Forest north of Vicksburg. One accident was during a deer hunt and the second was during a waterfowl hunt, obviously not related. Both Read More…


If handheld guns are your thing, then the new models coming out this year will really put a smile on your face. Handguns continue to be the No. 1 selling category of firearms for a multitude of reasons. Mainly the reason is for personal protection as threats have increased as have applications for Read More…


Every gun owner needs some kind of a lock up security cabinet for sensitive equipment, ammo, permits, papers, and important stuff. A full scale heavy duty safe is a good idea, but not everyone can handle such a beast or has the space to put one, especially out of sight. Stack-On manufacturers a host Read More…