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The Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation, the Alaska Professional Hunters Association, and two rural Alaskans recently filed suit against the federal government seeking to overturn two Obama-era restrictions governing the management of National Wildlife Refuge and National Preserve lands within Read More…

Lancer AR-15 magazine

Lancer magazines are supposed to be some of the better AR-15 magazines on the market. One of the main reasons I have not bought any is because they are priced higher than Pmags, Troy Battlemags or some of the other quality brand names. Good news for those who have been avoiding Lancers because of Read More…

Beretta 92F and 1911

While reading an excellent writeup on, A brief history of FBI semiauto pistols, I remembered how much the handgun industry changed in the 1980s. In 1988 I was 20 years old and was looking forward to making my first handgun purchase. To make sure I made an informed decision, I Read More…


You just bought your first big game rifle, a new handgun, or a shotgun for turkey hunting or self-defense, and you’re headed off to the local range. You show up in your new pearly white tennis shoes with a bag full of ammo. When you check in the Range Master asks to see your shooting[.....]


Speaking from experience, when your wife asks for something gold for her anniversary, a violin case with a golden Tommy Gun is probably not what she was expecting, and it will be off to spare bedroom or couch with you. Never fear, just the initial excitement phase of owning this gun lasts for Read More…

AR-15 Magazines

When someone mentions AR-15 magazines, what brands usually come to mind? The answer usually depends on the price range that consumers look at. For the most part, the Pmag and D&H are usually the first magazines that come to mind. Besides Pmag and D&H, what are some other quality magazines? Read More…


I was fortunate to be one of the first writers to get my hands on the newly introduced Galil ACE GAP39SB. For those not familiar with the original Galil line, it was developed in the 1960s and has been tuned and tweaked over the years by IWI. The original design was an adaptation of the[.....]

Ruger mini-14

The Ruger Mini-14 was introduced in 1973 and has gained a loyal following over the decades. The first time I saw a Mini-14 was while watching the TV series A-team. It seemed like every episode the A-team would have a gun fight, and not a single person ever got hurt. The Mini looks like a[.....]