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Mako sharks are highly prized sportfish, surely the most sought after and esteemed in the shark family. Chief reason is their speed, power, size, and renowned jumping ability. They’re great on a dinner table, too, tasting much like swordfish. Makos also are notoriously aggressive, able to dive Read More…


Hunters looking to target a red hot deer state for next year should put Missouri in the mix because the state once again gave up a stunning number of whitetails to both bow and gun hunters. Moreover, the Show Me State is well known as one of the best in the nation for buster bucks.[.....]


If you are forced into a SHTF bug-in situation and worse comes to worst, you may have to defend your position with a door in the way. Defensively speaking, the biggest trouble with doors is that they have to open. When they do, some of your view is blocked. Whether the door opens outward or[.....]


Hunting with an atlatl. Impressive when successful? Of course. Smart? Not so much. The atlatl is a hand-held spear thrower, launching long flexible darts from its spur. It’s deceptively complex, and in trained hands can be a most lethal weapon. So says the narrator of the Weapon Masters video Read More…


Some years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill accident, the research continues as to just how much damage was done. It seems like the spring of 2010 was eons ago, but now seven years later we are still learning more about the impact this oil rig blow out had on the ocean, the gulf coasts[.....]


Ice fishing impresario Brian “Bro” Brosdahl is a dedicated light-line jig fisherman. He believes the lighter the line the better the jig action, and that means more fish. Most often Brian uses 3-pound test fluorocarbon or monofilament. Never braid, which freezes when wet. Sometimes in Read More…


Crappies are found in different areas during winter than other panfish, requiring different tactics and rigging for ice fishermen, according to Minnesota angler Eric Naig. These good-eating panfish suspend a great deal in large, deep bays near a lake’s main deep basin. The deepest water in a bay Read More…


A good case can be made that more big pike are caught through the ice than at any other time of year.  Plenty of 12 to 20 pounders are hauled through hard-water holes every season in the North, and the great majority of them are caught with 4 to 7 inch live minnows (shiners, suckers[.....]


Lake Fork Reservoir largemouth bass are world famous, with 10 pounders caught so frequently they rarely raise an eyebrow around the big lake north of Tyler. There seems to be no end to consistently good, giant bass action on the 27,000-acre, 30-year old lake. The top six heavyweight bass recorded in Read More…