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Some people just don’t get it. When I heard my neighbor was going to cut down a twenty year old oak tree in his front yard, I was astonished. I talked to him about his plan and his reasoning for cutting the huge tree was, well, ridiculous. His wife did not like sweeping up all[.....]

(Photo: Russ Chastain)

Folks, I’ve got a beef… and it’s about littering. My father taught me to hate littering when, as a young boy, I accompanied him all over the woods exploring, hunting, and fishing. Almost everywhere we went, we saw garbage left behind by others. We picked it up as often as we could, Read More…

Eureka Solitaire

The Eureka Solitaire is a single person, bivy style tent that is relatively inexpensive and easy to setup. The Solitaire is not a free standing tent and is held upright with two fiberglass poles, stakes, and guide wires. Overall, I am happy with the weight, size, and design of the Eureka Solitaire. Read More…

Land navigation skills

Awhile back I came across the Youtube channel of flatbrokeoutside. He has some great videos about hiking, safety, gear... just all kinds of stuff. In one video he discusses a topic that I feel is of great importance, and that is basic map and compass skills. With a smart phone, everyone is an Read More…