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Copperhead snake

Why do people wear open toed shoes, such as sandals, during outdoor activities? Especially if they are hiking, camping, or doing anything else off the beaten path? The people wearing sandals, have they never heard of copperhead or coral snakes? Do the people who wear open toed sandals have any idea Read More…

MSR Alpine Stowaway Review

Several years ago I was walking through Academy Sports and Outdoors in Beaumont, Texas when I noticed a MSR alpine stowaway pot. I picked it up, looked it over, then put it back on the shelf. A few weeks later I went back and bought it. MSR (Mountain Safety Research) is known for its wide[.....]


Some years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill accident, the research continues as to just how much damage was done. It seems like the spring of 2010 was eons ago, but now seven years later we are still learning more about the impact this oil rig blow out had on the ocean, the gulf coasts[.....]


How could any prepper get along without a supply of tape? Tape? For sure, as you know you can just about repair anything albeit perhaps only temporarily with a roll of tape. If you visit your favorite hardware or building supply outlet, you will find a dizzyingly assortment of tapes for about as Read More…

Large MOLLE with Mossberg 590

Military surplus backpacks are some of the better values on the market. Even with prices inching up over the past few years, surplus gear is still a good buy. ALICE is an acronym for: All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment. It was adopted by the United States military in 1973. MOLLE Read More…


Say what you want about ethanol fuels, but they can ruin gasoline engines. This is particularly true with small engines like outboard motors, lawn equipment, and ATVs. What happens over time is that the ethanol gums up the carburetors, fuel lines, filters, and other components. Time to fight back. A Read More…