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Trials with the .35 Whelen

Developed by famous hunter-gun man Townsend Whelen, the .35 is a hopped up 30-06 taking 35 caliber bullets. The mix is an extremely effective cartridge for big game hunting.


When the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks permitted the use of centerfire, single shot rifles for the primitive weapons deer season, the whole face of deer hunting changed in Mississippi. The analysis of that move proved two things. First, it killed the sales of black powder guns, and Read More…

Video: Groundbreaking New Scope That Works Like an Eye

New optics zoom at the push of a button, will work even without batteries.

RAZAR-modified scope being tested.

The first major change to rifle scope optics technology in more than a century may very well be one of the most important things to hit the shooting world in ages. Sandia National Laboratory has developed a variable power rifle scope that changes magnification by changing the shape of lenses, rather Read More…

DIY: A Homemade 1/9 Scale 9″ Dahlgren Cannon

Here's how one man built a working model of an 1800s cannon.

A finished homemade working model of a cannon.

Photo credits: imgur user sirkeyboardcommando Now this is cool. A fellow who described himself as “an average 26 year old guy with way too much time on his hands” has built himself a nice little cannon. He wanted to model this kind of gun because his great great grandfather manned one Read More…

AR Magazine Strategies

ARs are popular but require attention to detail.


If you own and use an AR rifle platform, then you need an AR magazine strategy. Have you ever seen so many options for ways to feed a rifle than with the vast varieties of AR magazine configurations? Your primary usage scenario for your AR doesn’t matter. You still need a strategy. Maybe you Read More…

DIY: A Simple Target Stand for Your Home Range

Some pipe and common hardware can make a homemade target holder-upper.

Two Steel Plates Hang From Homemade Target Frame

I ran across this on reddit this afternoon. It shows a simple way to use common hardware to make a sturdy frame from which you can hang targets. The frame is of iron water pipe with eye bolts, S-hooks, and chains used to attach hanging steel plates. The targets don’t have to be steel, Read More…

“Smart Gun” Company Regroups, Develops Police Gun Tracking

New device senses when gun is holstered, drawn, fired, or taken from an officer.

Inserting the Yardcarm Sensor in a Glock Pistol

As a rule, I’m opposed to any kind of “smart gun” technology. Guns need to be kept dumb because in the world of firearms mechanics, dumb is reliable, and smart is not. I’m also concerned that there’s a high likelihood that any kind of restrictive technology that’s Read More…

Wow! A Breathtaking Shooting Photo From Montana

A great rifle shooting pic from the land of the big sky.

A shooter takes aim with an AR in Montana.

Wow. There’s not much more I can say about this beautiful photograph. I stumbled across it on reddit, and immediately knew I needed to share it. This magnificent shot shows black swirls in the sky and a backdrop of evergreen trees with a peek at some mountains beyond. In the foreground, a Read More…

Video: The Star-Spangled Banner for Shooters

USA's national anthem performed by one man with a rifle.

A Musical Target Ready to be Played

Hey, we’re all patriots here. Well, most of us anyhow. And we generally show it in our own individual way. A YouTube video posted in August features a lone rifleman plinking out the Star-Spangled Banner on a musical steel target, using a Ruger 10/22 rifle. The rhythm ain’t much, and the Read More…