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The Savage A17 – the First Commercially Viable Semi-Auto 17 HMR?

"Multiple patents pending" on the newly-designed delayed blowback action.

Savage A17 Semi-Auto 17 HMR Rifle

Savage‘s main attraction at the 2015 SHOT Show was the all-new A17, touted as the first truly viable semi-automatic rifle chambered for 17 HMR. Almost every shooter has experienced the fun of shooting a 22 LR semi-automatic rifle. They are by far the most-fun plinking gun ever made and are not Read More…

The 338 Federal Lives! New Savage Models in the Short Action, Hard-Hitting Cartridge

I thought this round had quietly died; I'm glad to see it revisited.

Savage 111-11 Hog hunter is Now Offered in 338 Federal

When the 338 Federal cartridge came along in 2006, I was smitten. I like short actions, I like big bullets, and I like it when they shoot fast and hit hard. The 338 had all of those things, and I fell in love After a few years, though, the 338 Federal began to wane and[.....]