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Gemtech GM22 Suppressor

Maintenance-friendly design with asymmetric baffle stack

1920s Maxim silencer next to its mailing tube. It retailed for about $3 and could be shipped directly to the purchaser by mail.

The rimfire silencer has not changed much since its invention in the early 1900s. Most silencers (now known more as sound suppressors in the US or moderators in the UK) are comprised of a robust machined blast chamber and lighter baffles in a stack. Since oppressive regulations made silencers into Read More…

Bond Arms .410 Ranger II


Granbury, Texas is not one of the huge meccas of the Lone Star state, but one very notable business has made its home there: the now famous Bond Arms. Last year, I toured the factory and left so impressed that I ordered two different guns plus an extra barrel. The first gun I reviewed was[.....]

In Range’s New Sight Bloc

Need a solid rest at the gun range or off the hood of your truck? This sighting bloc made from recycled rubber is just the ticket.


The new In-Range Sight Bloc is perfect for shooters and hunters. The In-Range Sight Bloc is manufactured from a specially patented rubber composite with built in U-V protection. It will not break down even under extreme atmospheric conditions. Water does not soak into this material as it is dense by Read More…

Review: Walther PPQ .22LR Pistol


As noted in my previous giddy review of the Walther PPQ M2, that gun is without question my favorite production compact pistol loaded with all the custom features already included. In short, I love the PPQ M2 design. Ambi-slide releases, reversible mag releases for lefties, match grade barrel, Read More…

Upgrading Marlin 336 Lever Action

More precise sighting options.


While Marlin 336 has a stronger receiver than most older lever actions, it is still equipped with the same open sights used on the original 30-30 over a century ago. The sight radius is limited and so is the sight picture visibility in low light. Side ejection means that optics can be mounted, so Read More…

The Surefire Hi-Cap AR Magazine

Need extra AR ammo capacity? Check out the Surefire 60-Round Mag.


Whatever SHTF scenario plan you have devised, whether it is a classic, well prepped Bug Out escape or an Alamo standoff on the home front, more than likely there is a firearms component written into the flowchart. Having reviewed many forums for some time without being compelled to engage any Read More…