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Video: Build This Super Awesome Tiny Crossbow

Because sometimes, it's good to play with matches.

Micro Crossbow with Matchstick Ammo

Sometimes, a little fun is absolutely necessary. And right now, it’s exactly what I need. When a friend posted a video to my Facebook wall yesterday about the building of a tiny crossbow, I knew I needed to share it with you folks. It’s pretty cool. Some hot glue, popsicle sticks, spring Read More…

DIY: Too Much Time on Your Hands? Paint Your Gun.

This guy spent hours making hexagons using blue painter's tape

Approximately a jillion tiny pieces of tape were used to mask this gun.

Hmmmm. Some people may have too much time on their hands. Take Reddit user mustardtiger56 for example. A recent Reddit post and photos on Imgur show how patience and time (“4 hours more or less”) can produce a unique and unusual firearm finish. He said he used ultra flat Krylon spray Read More…

Daniel Defense’s New Guns for Summer 2014

Pairs of black pistols and rifles for your shooting pleasure.

Daniel Defense DDMK18 AR Pistol

Daniel Defense (DD) has announced some new guns to their semi-automatic AR offerings, and man they look nice. I resisted the pull of ARs for years, but I finally caved and picked one up some years back. Once they get in your blood, it’s tough to get ‘em out, and DD’s new guns look Read More…

Bolt-Action 30-caliber Pens: Only in America. Er, Canada…

Metal and exotic wood come together in these nifty firearm-ish writing instruments.

Over-Under Pen with bullet tip, shotgun-like cap, and over-under pocket clip.

Hidden among inane what-I-had-for-lunch posts, mingled with videos of copycats dumping ice water over their heads, nestled between political memes, I discovered a jewel on Facebook. Yes, they still exist. It was a post in a hunting group, advertising unique writing pens with a shooting twist. Read More…