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Slow-Motion Guns Firing

Pretty cool.

They really are.

I ran across this on reddit and found it mildly interesting. A shooter took some slow-motion video of himself firing a couple of pistols. He described this one as a 1911, although it doesn’t seem to have an exposed hammer. He said the second pistol is a Browning Buckmark 22. Not sure why his Read More…

DIY: Make Your Own Shoot-and-See Targets

Why spend a lot on things you're just going to perforate?

DIY shoot and see targets

Targets should be cheap, right? I mean, you’re just going to shoot them full of holes, after all. And sometimes, paper targets can be affordable, but targets that let you see your shots, like Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C and Caldwell Orange Peel, can cost more than $2 each. Someone came up with a Read More…

Ideal Scopes for Deer Hunting

There are a multitude of choices for riflescopes for hunting white-tailed deer.


When is the last time you saw a deer rifle without a scope on it? I am betting it has been quite a few deer seasons ago. I think it has been 1970 since I saw a deer rifle in the woods using only open sights. I remember this because it was my first deer[.....]

Spike’s Tactical Pure Estrogen rifle

A 5.56mm carbine for the female shooter


What comes to mind first when you read “a rifle designed for female shooters?” Pink furniture?¬†With some gun companies, that would have been a good guess. With Spike’s Tactical Pure Estrogen model, the color is anything you want, as long as it’s black. It does have other Read More…

AllOutdoor’s Last-Minute Gift Guide, 2014 Edition

Source: Flickr via WizmoBuchanan

We review a ton of gear here at AllOutdoor, and as a last-minute “thank you” to our faithful readers we’ve put together this list of what is essentially our “Greatest Hits of 2014.” The list below represents some of our favorite review items, with an emphasis on Read More…

Review: Walther PPK .380 ACP


There is one and only reason that I own a Walther PPK: because of the Bond films. Every boy eventually wants to just like Bond. The Walther PPK is a cool and sexy pistol, but it’s hardly a modern defensive firearm. The allegedly underpowered and supposedly unreliable PPK, with its goofy Read More…

Making the H&K P30L Even Better


Many would wonder how you could actually upgrade the already feature loaded P30 series of pistols, but more than a few believe that the P30 series can perform even better with just a few tweaks. Although the HK P30 is already a bit of an exclusive pistol, some connoisseurs of the P30 may notice Read More…

The .358 Winchester – Still Kicking

After a lot of fanfare years ago the new .358 took the hunting world by storm, but over the years, it was slowly forgotten. Now is the time to try it again.


Sometimes fulfilling an item on the bucket list takes time. It took me forty years to lay my hands on a rifle chambered for the venerable old .358 Winchester. I actually did find one at a gun show once, but the walnut stock still had the halftrack tread marks all across the wood. I passed.[.....]

Remington: Finally Making Good on Model 700 Trigger Defect?

They've denied it for decades, but knew about the danger in the 1940s.

Remington Model 700 Rifle

More than 13 years ago, I wrote an article about the Remington Model 700 and a CBS news segment that alleged the trigger could be fired by switching the safety to the “fire” position. At the time, I concentrated on the sad case of Gus Barber, who was killed when his mother switched a Read More…