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Sure Strike Laser Training Ammunition

A handy aid for mastering revolver trigger control


Most revolvers have excellent inherent accuracy. Several competent shooters have demonstrated ability to hit silhouette targets out to 200 yards even with 2-inch snubbies. However, revolvers remain difficult for new shooters to master, mainly because of the heavy and long double action trigger pull. Read More…

Keltec CMR30 Carbine Nears Public Release

30 rounds of 22WMR on tap

While PMR30 rides in a Jim Ryan custom holster, CMR30 topped with a Lucid M7 red dot is in action.

While PMR30 rides in a Jim Ryan custom holster, CMR30 topped with a Lucid M7 red dot is in action. Between the pistol, the carbine and one magazine pouch, the shooter has 90 rounds available.[/caption] The long-awaited companion carbine to Keltec’s 22WMR pistol is finally nearing public Read More…

Gaston Glock’s Ex-Wife Sues for More Than Half a Billion

Claims hubby cheated her out of her share of the company she co-founded.

Gaston Glock

Trouble seems to follow Gaston Glock around, although some would argue, probably convincingly, that he has been known to create plenty of trouble on his own. Ever since Glock’s pistol found success in the 1980s, he’s been in the news to some extent. Lately, it is due to a lawsuit filed Read More…

Top Shot’s Chris Cheng Talks Guns at Google HQ

Photo by Oleg Volk

I was recently fortunate to spend an hour on stage at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA chatting with former Googler, professional marksman, and Top Shot Season 4 Champion Chris Cheng about his new book, Shoot To Win. The video is now up on on YouTube, and I encourage you to go check it out.[.....]

Swiss Youths Compete With Guns

Knabenschiessen is a shooting competition for youths age 13-17.

17-year-old Milena Brennwald, 2014 winner of the Knabenschiessen

Knabenschiessen! That’s the name of a large youth shooting competition held annually in Zurich, Switzerland. Said to literally mean “boys’ shooting,” Knabenschiessen has been open to female participants since 1991. The shooting competition takes place at long range, using Read More…

Crosman MAR177 upper for AR-15

Training for accuracy with a .177 pre-charged air gun

MAR177 on a Cavalry Arms lower.

When I first saw a .177 upper for AR-15, I laughed. It wasn’t suitable for defensive, therefore wasn’t interesting to me. The next time I saw it, I thought it was a cute idea for entirely too much money, $600 retail. And then I grew up and realized that I have more defensive guns Read More…