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Introduced at $20 in 1961 and sold until 1979, Ithaca M49 looks like a conventional lever action repeater with 18 inch barrel. A closer look reveals that it’s nothing of the sort, In fact, it’s a single-shot falling block with a dummy magazine tube! If that seems silly, just look at Read More…


Well that sounds easy enough. Walk up to the gun cleaning supply shelf at your favorite shooting supply store and pick one. How many times have you done that and not been completely satisfied with your choice? Or do you really know or care just how effective that gun cleaning solvent and oil is? Read More…


Well, I do for one. I bought my first .357 Magnum, a Colt Python, in 1981 and since have owned quite a few, shot many, and hunted with several. I still use one, a Smith Model 13 with a 3-inch barrel for concealed carry and in my vehicles when I travel. This aged wheel gun[.....]

A former girlfriend's selection of carry guns.

If you own one firearms, the choice of what to carry and what to keep for home defense is simple. Once you have more than one, several strategies come to mind. One approach is illustrated above: a little bit of everything, depending on the mood, the weather, and the current favorites. Not shown is Read More…