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Onions squash and eggs

As some of my regular readers know, I am a big history fan.  Everything I read is non-fiction ranging from modern, all the way to Neanderthals.  I recently started a new book, “The Little Ice Age – How Climate Made History, by Brian Fagan”. On page 29 the author states, Read More…

Lee Armory AK 74

The guys at Ak Operators Union, Local 47-74 took the Lee Armory AK-74 for a test drive. After 5,000 rounds the rifle is performing perfectly. From the Lee Armory website: Excellent Condition Bulgarian parts Kit Childer’s Receiver Chrome Lined Barrel Wood Refinished Professional Aerospace Polished Read More…

Smith & Wesson with 1911

While reading the news, I came across an article that talked about getting guns out of the hands of teens.  As I write this I am 49 years old,  The article forces me to realize how drastically times have changed, and not for the better. New program in Montgomery aims to get guns out of[.....]


After Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike were running on generator back-up.  Since we had a limited supply of fuel, we were cooking all the meat.  Everyone who bugged out to my house brought meat from their freezers.  For the first week after the hurricane we ate steaks, brisket, pork chops, pork Read More…


For some, the idea of a pocket knife is a small, thinly ground slipjoint. Anything else is a weapon. For folks that are newer to the knife world, it wasn’t a knife unless it opened with one hand. When I started writing about gear, it was never the two shall meet. But a few years[.....]


When candidate Donald Trump was trolling for votes among gun owners, he put together a group of advisors on the subject. The “coalition” was supposed to channel ideas, input, and voter interest on gun ownership issues to the candidate. Trump was supposed to be updated on 2nd Amendment issues. Read More…