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We have often preached how to blend into our surroundings when carrying a concealed handgun even when we are just tooling around town, at work or other public venues. By sheer accident, I recently discovered a rather cool way to carry around a personal protection handgun without drawing much Read More…


Breaking news out this week comes that Federal Premium Ammunition is laying off 110 workers at their Anoka, Minnesota facility. It is no secret but an ironic one that the guns and ammo industry has experienced a widespread downturn since the Trump election. Both wholesalers and dealers have reported Read More…

Medium ALICE Pack

Military surplus is one of the greatest things since sliced bread.  The gear may not be in the best of condition, but for the most part it certainly is not junk.  If you know something is going to get used, stained, or otherwise run through the wringer, why buy new? Starting in the early Read More…

Country road

Whether it is a weekend getaway, vacation home, or a place to retire, a lot of people dream about leaving the city and moving to a rural area.  There is something about rural life that can not be described in words.  It is easy to write “peace and quiet”, but there is no way to[.....]

Dogs on hiking trip

Something I like to do is scout around the bug out location.  I usually bring a daypack, such as a Maxpedition Condor II, camera, tripod and my dogs.  The goal of a scouting run is to learn the lay of the land.  I want to know where the creeks, small ponds, old logging roads, ATV[.....]