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In the great northwestern state of Washington, salmon fishing is king. One of the best places to do it is up on the far reaches of the Olympic Peninsula in a tiny little fishing hamlet town named Sekiu (pronounced like See-Koo). Sekiu is perched on the edge of Clallam Bay, overlooking the Strait of Read More…


America is blessed with numerous public access national parks, which were created under the presidential administration of Theodore Roosevelt in 1916. The National Park Service is a branch of the U.S. Department of the Interior. To date there are 59 officially designated national parks in the United Read More…


How much ammo do you need to buy? At what cost can you afford to add to your stores? First, consider what type of shooter you are and at what level your shooting demands are. It might make a huge difference on the effect the ammo market has on your purchases if you are a[.....]


Spending a day fishing with Jerry Gross of Meatgetter Jigs is like taking a graduate course in crappie fishing science. I was very fortunate to jam the whole course into one day on Lake Washington in Mississippi, one of the top crappie fishing lakes in the country. By the time my buddy and I Read More…


By now you’re tired of hunting. Most of us are in the garage looking for a project before we have to get the lawnmower going, and I have just the ticket: it’s time plan your next fishing trip and to start gearing up for the spring fishing season. Dig out those tackle boxes and fishing[.....]