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Fishing is tough when it is 100 degrees with a humidity to match. Most anglers with any sense are probably at the house hugging the recliner in the cool air and watching golf or NASCAR. If summer fishing is in the blood though, some good bass can still be snagged early in the morning and[.....]


Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana has always been a light-tackle saltwater fishing Mecca, located just inland from the Gulf of Mexico west of New Orleans and about 20 miles east of the Texas border. It’s 8 miles wide, 21 miles long, mainly shallow, somewhat off the beaten track, and it has some of the Read More…


I know of many preppers that are proud as punch of their multi-pocketed Bug Out packs. That is until they try to find something in one of the many zippered or Velcro® hidey places some of these humongous packs have designed into them. Sometimes too many pockets, pouches, and slip sleeves can create Read More…


What if you could go to a single source outlet for a great deal of your prepping equipment and supply needs? It can definitely a hassle to shop numerous shops, stores, and outlets to find everything you need or want for your SHTF prepping and/or a formal Bug Out plan. It is nice to have[.....]


All outdoors people including hunters, campers, preppers, and all travelers in the wildernesses of America need a way to start a fire in the case of an emergency. I know, all you think you need is a butane cigarette lighter and a pile of leaves, but what if it is raining or windy? There are[.....]


Have you seen the Sta-Bil commercial where the guy is trying to start his outboard motor with the old gas? I love the look on that guy’s face when the engine won’t start. I love it ironically because I had the same look on my face last year when I tried to get my ATV[.....]