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Putting Together a Road Travel Safety Bag

Here are some suggestions and tips for creating a vehicle travel safety bag to put in the car or truck in case of emergencies.


Outdoors enthusiasts are always on the move. Whether you hunt, fish, hike, bird watch, camp, kayak, ride ATVS, or whatever you do outside close to home or a distance off, you are at some point traveling in a primary vehicle. When you pack your gear in the pickup truck, SUV, RV, or whatever you Read More…

The Surefire Hi-Cap AR Magazine

Need extra AR ammo capacity? Check out the Surefire 60-Round Mag.


Whatever SHTF scenario plan you have devised, whether it is a classic, well prepped Bug Out escape or an Alamo standoff on the home front, more than likely there is a firearms component written into the flowchart. Having reviewed many forums for some time without being compelled to engage any Read More…

Buying Summer Chicks on the Internet

Chicks just ain't for the spring time.

Batch of summer chicks

For the most part, buying chicks is a springtime activity. The local farm supply stores start getting their chicks in around early to mid February. Then there are the Easter colored chicks. (Please do not buy colored chicks for Easter. You do not know what breeds you are getting, what sex, and the Read More…

Hiding in Plain Sight: Furniture to Hide Your Guns

Custom-made furnishings that look great while concealing firearms and other valuables.


Guns are great. They just are. They’re valuable tools in a pinch, and they need to be there when you need them. In your home, it’s great to keep one or more guns handy, and it’s wise to keep them out of sight. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot more furniture that functions and Read More…

S&W Governor: A Solid Bug-out Handgun

The unique Smith and Wesson Governor is perfect for protection work and any survival scenario.


For preppers trying to escape impending doom, busting out in a Bug-Out escape mode can be a scary time. Everything is on the line as the threat increases and finally you give the nod to go. Now is the time. No more delays. The Bug-Out location has long been chosen, prepared, and stocked. All Read More…

Weigh In: What’s Wrong with Survival Television

Is it more harmful than helpful?


Survival television shows like Man vs. Wild and Survivorman have changed the survival industry, for better or for worse. In some ways, they’ve helped show the importance of preparedness, which can aid in educating the masses who don’t always see prepping as a vital life-saving endeavor. Read More…