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Every gun owner I know eventually learns to tinker on their guns. It is an essential skill for preppers and all survivalists. I mean there are so many things a gun owner can learn to do on their own guns that some gunsmithing skills just seem to come naturally. Working on guns certainly requires Read More…

Left side of Glock 43 subcompact 9mm.

I wouldn’t call it a meme or an ice bucket challenge thing exactly, but there’s a spate of “if you could only have five guns for the apocalypse” articles going around right now. It looks like it started with the Iraqveteran8888 video below, about selecting five guns for a Read More…


If you had to “throw” together a quick, down-and-dirty, and out-the-door SHTF cook kit, what would you put into it? I am talking bare minimum here to get you by in the very short haul. This may mean just a day or two in travel from your primary home to a Bug Out location or[.....]


Gun concealment inside a vehicle is essential at times. If you travel a good bit, especially in areas of town that are not particularly safe, then it may be a regular practice for you to keep a loaded gun in the vehicle. Having that firearm in a regular waist holster may not always be the[.....]