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An add-on gear box to the rear rack of an ATV can be highly useful. Whether you use an ATV or UTV for hunting, recreational four-wheeler riding, trail trips, or just working on a farm or ranch, having a supplemental gear box can be a really great idea. ATVs universally come with both a front[.....]

Gun cleaning

Preppers do not always have to buy everything already packaged in a retail consumer kit. Sometimes it can not only be cheaper to buy just the items you really need but it can be half the fun to assemble a bug out gun cleaning kit of your own. Years ago as part of prepping out[.....]

Donald Denmark, Dog Hoss

Donald Denmark had been a lifelong deer hunter with over 30 years of whitetail gunning experience. He’d seen it all, or at least he thought he had. He was in South Carolina hunting with friend “Neilo” Gifford when someone in the hunt club shot a nice buck, but couldn’t find it. “Neilo Read More…


There are some things preppers can never have enough of it seems. These are a myriad of snap or karabiner-type gear hooks, things that snap on belt loops or back packs, and lash down straps of all kinds. These items are extremely useful for all kinds or prepping activities, packing up and out, and Read More…


Now that’s a good question. Using a CCW firearm can run the gamut from heated, emergency short range shooting affairs to the possibility of longer range shots within realms of reason. These are certainly some parameters worth considering if we are going to carry a concealed weapon. Truth is we Read More…


If ever there was a campfire debate among preppers, this is one of the best ones. Like any spirited conversation comparing one firearm caliber against another, there are pros and cons on both sides of the fence. Rarely does anyone really win the debate, because each person has to decide for Read More…