Shotgun/rifle combo build for a survival long gun


Shotgun/rifle combo build for a survival long gun

In response to my “Worst Case Scenario Gun” post, TFB regular Samuel Suggs showed up on the comments with a great option for a simple yet extremely versatile survival long gun. He suggested picking up an MP94 combo shotgun/rifle, which has a shotgun barrel up top and a rifle barrel right underneath it. You can get these in a few different caliber/gauge combos, any of which costs $745.

He also suggested two mods to it, one of which I hadn’t heard of before — a shotgun barrel insert that lets you fire a rifle round. You could get one of these in .22LR, and then you’d have a trio of popular survival calibers available in one gun, like .308, 12 gauge, and .22LR. I’m pretty curious to know exactly how these perform, so if any of you have experience with them please post in the comments.

The other mod Suggs suggested is a customer fiberglass stock from MPI, hollow (for storing items) and with a detachable butt plate.

I like this rig a lot, and I’ve actually seen the rifle/shotgun combo thing before but hadn’t really considered it lately. For a while, before they apparently quit making anything at all, Pioneer Arms was set to offer such a combo gun, which would have been awesome given the quality of their coach guns. But sadly, the company has stopped taking orders and doesn’t even respond to email anymore. (If anyone knows what happened there, drop us a line; we’d love to know.)

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