Luxury preps for riding out a disaster in style


Luxury preps for riding out a disaster in style

If prepping isn’t already an expensive enough hobby for you, then the WSJ has got you covered with this list of stylish and spendy preps that will have you looking good while you ride out a localized disaster.

To be honest, any moderately experienced prepper/gear-hound can probably put together a butter list of luxe preps than this, but I link it up in case it has some items that are new to readers, and to spur your thinking about your bug-out bag (always a good thing).

If I were going to nominate some alternatives to the items on this list, I’d start with the choice of phone. The SpareOne Plus phone linked in the article is a great little unit that I didn’t previously know about, but if you want more minutes and/or a little more in the way of smartphone capabilities, check out the Tracfone LG008G. At $80, it’s the same price as the SpareOne Plus, and it comes with 1200 pre-paid minutes that don’t ever expire. So you can pick up one of these guys and store it away, and not worry about running out of minutes quite as quickly if you find yourself in a disaster situation.


Then there’s the Filson uplander vest suggestion. Don’t get me wrong — I love Filson gear, despite the fact that most of it is now made overseas (a tragedy… don’t get me started) and is not as high-quality as the older, Seattle-made products. I own a ton of Filson, in fact, and will probably keep buying it. However, if you’re worried about facing inclement weather, the TAD Ranger Hoodie offers more way style and functionality for almost the same price as the Filson vest.

(hat-tip to Homeland Security Watch for the link)

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