The right way to punk your buddy’s trail camera


The right way to punk your buddy’s trail camera

Have you ever messed with your buddy’s game camera before? If you’ve done the big foot costume thing, you should really think about upping your game and going straight for Photoshop!

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A guy played a practical joke on his brother’s trailcam. A few weeks ago they took the memory stick out of his trailcam and added the “Photoshop enhanced” deer in the first picture. It didn’t take long for the story and picture of this deer to spread like a wildfire. He was going to let it go on through the Fall and just keep adding pictures, but he figured he’d better let his brother know that he had been punked, as his brother was even telling people that he thought that he’d actually seen this buck standing out in a field. Last week, he added the other pictures to his brother’s trailcam. Take note of the date line on all of the pictures.

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