Italian gun grease


Italian gun grease

I have been using various Italian Gun Grease products for about 6-months now, and I can say that these are hands down the best gun lubes I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried just about everything out there.

Tactical lube

The first product I tested from IGG is their “tactical” lube, and there is nothing quite like it, that I’m aware of. Their lubes can drop friction up to 85%, which increase bullet velocity 2% – 15%. The tactical lube also drops barrel temps up to 30%, and minimizes fouling so that you can cut your clean-up time. Finally, IGG claims that their tactical lube can increase accuracy by up to 300%. Yes, you read that right — if you use the tactical lube in the barrel of your rifle, you allegedly can allegedly see a 3X boost in accuracy. (We didn’t test this, particular claim, but we’re planning on doing so and will post results when we do.) The tactical lube actually makes metal smoother and harder by filling in the microscopic holes in a firearm’s barrel that can affect accuracy. The tactical lube bonds to the metal, making it smoother, and that gives you more velocity and better accuracy.

One problem I run across with most lubes is that they tend to dry-up or evaporate on a concealed carry gun. I know most folks will lube their handgun, put it in a holster, and then carry it for months on end without taking it out of the holster for a cleaning and re-lubing. This is not a good practice, but I run across shooters all the time who do this. I check my concealed carry handguns once a month, and typically the lube I put on a month ago is gone. Because IGG’s tactical formula bonds to the metal it stays on longer, and while you may not be able to see the “wetness” of the Tactical lube, it’s still on your gun. It also doesn’t attract dirt and lint like so many other lubes do. These are all plusses in my book. Italian Gun Grease “Tactical” lube is the only lube I use on my handguns, with the exception of their “True Grease.”

True grease

With 1911-style handguns, most oils and lubes don’t stay in place because they tend to run out of the locking grooves in the slide. That means there will be a lot of friction when you start firing your 1911, and in short order, your gun will freeze-up on you from friction. I’ve tried some other gun grease over the years, some better than others. What we have with True Grease is a true “grease” and wherever it is applied, where there is metal-to-metal contact, it will result in noticeably smoother and more reliable performance. Again, like the “Tactical” grease, it penetrates the microscopic holes in the firearm’s metal and it helps resist dirt, lint, and carbon build-up. The True Grease stays in place!!! True Grease is packaged in a 6cc syringe for precise application, too. I’m using the old formula, and IGG said they will send me the new and improved formula very soon — can’t wait to see how it performs.

Carbon eliminator

When it comes to heavy, baked-on carbon, it takes some scrubbing to get it off your gun. Solvents don’t always get the job done alone — lots of elbow grease is needed. IGG has a product called “Carbon Eliminator” and it’s fantastic, to say the least. The proprietary formula was used to clean carbon deposits from jet engine exhausts and the areas surrounding the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger Cannon. Ok, let’s think about this for a moment. If this Carbon Eliminator can clean the carbon build-up from a jet engine’s exhaust, then the carbon build-up on a firearm is no match at all.

Carbon Eliminator is an active, water-based, biodegradable cleaner that performs better than solvent based products. It penetrates and then pushes up the carbon from inside microscopic pits and crevices. I’m not even sure how, exactly, this stuff works, but it does work extremely well. Whenever I’m shooting one of my AR-15 rifles, and I’m shooting the very dirty Russian-made .223 ammo, it has always been a chore to clean all that carbon build-up out of my ARs. The IGG Carbon Eliminator makes the job easier — just let it sit for a while, so it has a little time to go to work for you.

Copper/lead eliminator

If you do a lot of shooting, especially with high-powered rifles, you’ll get some copper built-up in the barrel of your rifles. And, if you shoot a lot of lead bullets, you’ll get lead build-up in the barrels. Lead is a real chore to clean out of your barrels, much more so, I believe, than copper build-up. Well, IGG has come to the rescue with their Copper/Lead eliminator.

I know we’re all used to the good ol’ Hoppe’s #9 bore solvent. So you’ll be surprised at how nice the Copper/Lead eliminator works and smells. It has a very nice aroma to it, so much so that you’ll be tempted to wear it as an after-shave — I kid you not — but don’t! No longer will the spouse complain how the entire house smells from #9. The IGG folks really came up with a dandy product that gets the job done, without a lot of scrubbing, and it won’t stink up the entire house.

Long-term storage kits

Italian Gun Grease also manufactures some long-term storage protection kits – where you can treat your firearms — long guns as well as handguns — and place them in the special long-term storage bags. I’ve seen some plain ol’ long-term storage bags, but all they are is just a specially treated bag. With the IGG, you have a complete protection kit. There’s a process involved in treating your firearms before you place them in one of the long-term storage bags. It’s the way to go if you’re prone to wanting to bury your firearms or place them in hiding some place for long-term storage.

There are many more products that IGG produces — they have compact, deluxe cleaning kits, great for your Bug Out Bag, and they also have cleaning mats for handguns and long guns. They make an emergency field repair kit for ARs, too. There is a whole host of various products that IGG is producing, so be sure to check out their constantly updating website for all the latest they have to offer.

Look, I’m Italian, from Chicago, and I know what’s good when it comes to Italian products. For my money, there isn’t anything better on the market for gun care than IGG products. If you want the most accuracy, best performance, and highest reliability from your firearms, then give IGG products a try, and as they say on their website “Join The family”. Hey, it’s an offer you can’t (and shouldn’t) refuse.


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