Hunting Apparel Company Prois Corners the Female Market


Hunting Apparel Company Prois Corners the Female Market

There’s an interesting dynamic of female-centric gear here at SHOT Show. For the most part, there’s a nice balance between form and function, but there still seems to be a lot of, well, pink. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with that color, one of the most important items a hunter can have is well-fitted camo apparel. That means more neutral colors and patterns, and less bubbly designs intended to appeal to women who usually just want practical options.

It’s refreshing to see companies like Prois, who really understand serious women hunters and shooters and make gear that works for them. It helps that Prois is a female-founded, female-staffed company. In its seventh year, Prois (pronounced pro-iss) makes technical hunting and field apparel for women.

“We believe that women hunt hard and they too need the gear to sustain their hunting and shooting endeavors,” says Prois founder Kirstie Pike.

While most gear isn’t gender-specific, it’s important that apparel is tailored specifically to those who wear it. According to a Prois company representative, many women wear downsized menswear or upsized children’s wear due to the lack of available options made specifically for female bodies. However, these items usually don’t accommodate for the flexibility needed in the arms and torso, or female apparel is often made without the functionality needed for rugged exploration.

In the current items by Prois, such as the Elevation series of jackets and vests, there’s a focus on breathable but insulating materials that help maintain comfort and focus. Prois pants are designed to sit comfortably on women’s hips, with space in the thighs to aid in walking, hiking, and crouching. These features make a big difference for women who need accuracy while shooting.

Most of the apparel in the Prois catalog is within the ~$100 to ~$300 range, and it comes in sizes XS-XXL– also demonstrating an understanding of varying body types and budgets.

While Prois isn’t the only company designing gear especially for women, it’s one of few that focusesexclusively on women. It’s certainly a good start, and it will hopefully inspire others to create gear that helps fill needs in the industry.

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