LWRC Previews CA-Compliant Magazine-Less AR


LWRC Previews CA-Compliant Magazine-Less AR

We stopped by the LWRC booth and were fortunate enough to get to handle and photograph two guns that you’ll probably be hearing a lot more about this coming year. The first gun is a special magazine-less AR that’s designed to be legal in ban states like CA. Take a look at the shots in the gallery below, and you can get a good idea of how this thing works.

You pull down the box at the bottom, insert bullets into the bullet-shaped hole, and then shove the whole thing back up. It’s basically a non-detachable, reloadable “magazine” that you can get in either 7 or 10 round configurations, depending on your local laws.

The LWRC rep told me that CA is the company’s largest civilian market, so it’s clear that they’re not going to just let it go without a fight. This seems like a great idea, and while it pains me that all of my shooter friends in CA will have to jump through hoops like this, at least they’ll still have options.

LWRC has a patent pending on this device, but they’re hoping to license it widely. So those of you in CA might see this design crop up in a number of ARs in the coming year or so.

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