Innovative Disaster Shelter Could Save Lives


Innovative Disaster Shelter Could Save Lives

After Hurricane Katrina, many scientists, engineers, and designers put pen to paper to develop better resources to aid those displaced and impacted by large-scale disasters. One such innovation is the Reaction Housing System, known as the EXO, created by Michael McDaniels, who was recently profiled on Fast Company about his invention.

Here’s a breakdown of the EXO from the Reaction website:

The Reaction Housing System is a rapid response, emergency housing system that is flexible enough to meet any housing challenge. It is a kit of parts that primarily consists of housing units called Exos, accessories, and supporting infrastructure. The Reaction system can scale its response on demand from a single family’s needs to the needs of an entire region whose population has been displaced. It offers an unparalleled, rapid response housing solution whether it is responding to the aftermath of an earthquake, wildfire, hurricane or manmade event.

The 80 sq. ft., $5,000 shelter comes with a floor, walls, and a roof, and it looks like it came straight out of a science fiction flick. This diagram shows the standard layout.



While the EXO isn’t the only disaster shelter in development, it’s likely that survivalists will soon have some reliable and affordable options for disaster housing thanks to these innovations.

To learn more, check out the video below.

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