New Birchwood Casey Target That Holds Clays


New Birchwood Casey Target That Holds Clays

All shooters love to be accurate, and drilling bullseyes in paper targets can be great, but watching targets react to your shots is often a lot more fun, especially when you’re shooting with friends. This new target from Birchwood Casey provides an easy way to set up clay targets (a.k.a. clay pigeons) for shooting with rifle or handgun — or even shotgun if you’re not in a sporting mood.

Clays have long provided fun for shooters other than shotgunners. Every shooter I know has set them up on a range somehow so they can have the satisfaction of watching them break when hit by a rifle or handgun round. This new target provides a handy way to set them up, and that’s always welcome. This cardboard target could easily be attached to stakes or a target frame, or just propped on a berm.

They’re calling it “Rigid 10-Clay Silhouette Target,” and it’s made of heavy corrugated cardboard. Ten round holes are sized “to fit any standard size clay bird,” and it has a human silhouette on it.

Why the human silhouette? I have no idea. The holes for the clay targets aren’t placed specifically in kill zones, and two of them aren’t even in the silhouette. But who cares? It’s better than a plain cardboard surface with holes punched in it, and that’s what matters.

The overall size of the cardboard is 23 inches wide and 35 inches tall. The MSRP is $5.60, and it looks like a whole lot of fun.


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