Pink Camo High Chair: Where Will the Craze End?


Pink Camo High Chair: Where Will the Craze End?

Camouflage has become well-entrenched in the lives of hunters and even in the lives of many folks who don’t hunt. Just about anything related to hunting — and many other things such as recliners, house shoes, and bed sheets — can be had with copyrighted camouflage patterns applied.

From the press release: “The ciao! baby go-anywhere high chair is a foldable, portable, free standing chair with an attached tray. It easily unfolds, locks into place and folds back up in seconds. It comes in a convenient carrying bag and is ideal for travel, outdoor activities, restaurants, camping, the beach, grandma‚Äôs house and small spaces.

“The ciao! baby chair is available online and in many retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada. For ordering information or to find a store near you, go to”

It’s as much a fashion statement as something with a practical purpose, and opinions vary on its use on even the most basic hunting equipment, such as camo guns. But stepping even farther away from utility is pink camouflage which, while impractical, seems fairly popular these days.

Over the past several years, more and more shooting, hunting, and outdoors products have been hitting the market wearing pink. In keeping with the trend of camo as fashion for all hunters, pink camo has gained fashion ground among female hunters.

The purpose of the pink is to celebrate the participation of women and girls in the sports of hunting and shooting – and it’s good to do so. Heck, I’d even say it’s great. But when we start seeing portable high chairs in pink Mossy Oak Break-Up camo (see sidebar for info on it), I wonder if maybe it’s going a little too far.

In reality, there’s nothing wrong with it. If consumers want something that doesn’t harm others, it should be made available to them. And while not everyone can appreciate a pink camo portable high chair, offenses to one’s sense of taste shouldn’t be enough to ban a product.

Will I be buying a pink camo high chair? Nah. But the question is: Would you buy it? And what is your overall opinion of pink camouflage?

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