McFadden Ultimate Cliploader


McFadden Ultimate Cliploader

My wonderful Ruger Mark IIIs are fun to shoot, but they are thumbusters. One hour in on a fun day at the range and your thumbs with be aching, but you want to keep shooting. Now you can load you Mark I, II, and III and other similar single-stack .22LR magazines almost as fast as you can empty them.

I now have six magazines to delay the inevitable reloading pain at the range. When I heard about the McFaden Ultimate Cliploader I was beyond excited. McFaden’s claim of 3 seconds flat to load a magazine sounded like a challenge to me: which is faster? Loading or unloading a magazine?

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The instructions are simple:

  • Drop in up to 100 rounds in the hopper
  • Shake the loader to align rounds
  • Insert magazine, pump it a bit if needed, and the rounds will be loaded
  • Note – Sticky rounds may take a little extra jiggling or a spray of lube

I picked up an Ultimate Cliploader on eBay from the company for $29.99 and received a fast confirmation that my order was shipped. Days later I had my clear McFaden Ultimate Cliploader in hand. This is a substantial molded Lexan loader that will take all manner of neglect and abuse. So don’t worry about it getting tossed around inside of backpack or truck bed.

Yes it is a gadget, yes its inexpensive, and yes it appears to be too good to be true, but it works wonderfully in a how-the-heck-did-I-ever-live-without-this kind of way. THIS IS A MUST HAVE GADGET FOR ANY MARK I/II/III or Browning Buck Mark Owner. Forget buying an extra mag, just buy one of these.

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There is a little learning curve. For example, you may have to turn the mag catch out a bit, as I did, to assure your magazine spring is fully compressed for a full mag load. As the instructions note, I have to do a couple pumps to load my Mark III clips, but still maybe 4-5 seconds to load a magazine and 20-30 seconds for five magazines — outstanding. Few products are as good as advertised, but this is by far the ultimate accessory for anyone with compatible pistols. An outstanding, must-have product.

Works for the following pistol magazines:

  • Ruger Mark II, III and Hunter
  • Ruger 22/45
  • Colt Woodsmen Mag.
  • Old Military High Standard
  • Newer High Standard
  • Browning Buck Mark Pistols
  • Stoeger Luger

Will not work with:

  • Beretta 89
  • Kimber Rimfire Target
  • SandW 41
  • SandW 422
  • SandW 622
  • Savage 66
  • Sig Sauer Mosquito
  • Walther GSP
  • Walther P22
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