BlackJack Grunt Destruction Test

   04.08.14 BlackJack Grunt Destruction Test

This week’s destruction test features the BlackJack Grunt by BlackJack Knives. The Grunt is an 11in. long fixed blade that, according to forums, retails for about $25. Some internet sleuthing reveals that the knife seems to be currently unavailable through the BlackJack store or retailers, but there are still plenty to purchase on eBay. This particular knife reached popularity in 2011 but has since been discontinued.

The 5-part test, which you can check out below, proceeds as normal. founder Noss slices through an apple to test the blade edge, and subjects it to a series of tasks to test the strength of the material. As you’ll notice, the blade on this knife is pretty thick, and it doesn’t slice through the apple with as much ease as past knife tests (which you can check out here). The performance improves when cutting notches in a piece of wood, and it also splints a piece of wood in two with relative ease. While it chips away quickly at a concrete slab, it’s only a matter of time before the tip of the blade snaps off. A body weight test eventually breaks the rest of the blade, and a following pressure test breaks off the small remaining piece. Overall, for a $25 knife, it performed pretty well during rough use against wood and concrete, but it did sustain damage and wear throughout the ordeal.

Check out the full video below. To play as a playlist, click the button in the top right corner of the video.

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