Forecast the Weather the Old-Fashioned Way


Forecast the Weather the Old-Fashioned Way

ITS Tactical tells you how to forecast the weather by looking outside (as opposed to at a TV, computer, or smartphone screen).

Now keep in mind that if the national weatherman equipped with Doppler radar and satellite imagery gets it wrong from time to time, you will too. Taking that into consideration, it is probably best to avoid making high dollar wagers with your buddies when you are confident that it will begin storming in the next few minutes. And yet, by utilizing nature’s telltale signs, you can make some fairly safe assumptions regarding what is around the corner weather-wise. Let’s take a look at some of the basics:

This is definitely a good skill to develop, and it’s one I used to practice a lot more when I was a boy scout than I do nowadays. So buy a barometer for your porch, and bookmark this article for future reference. And if you see the UFO cloud in the picture above, then it means that it’s time to make crop circles.

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