Busse Basic 9 Destruction Test

   05.06.14 Busse Basic 9 Destruction Test

This week’s destruction test features the Basic 9 by Busse Combat Knife Co. The Basic 9 is a bit hard to find; it’s currently not available through Busse’s website, but there are some available on third party websites like forums and eBay. This knife is a hefty fixed blade and has a reputation for being an effective combat and heavy duty knife.

In this 8-part destruction test (yes, 8 part–grab some popcorn), Noss firstĀ peels an apple, which proves to be a bit difficult given the thickness of the blade. It does better slicing through webbing, and it adds some significant notches to a plank of wood. Next follows the standard tests–penetrating a piece of metal and using a mallet to wedge the knife into wood. A pressure test, initially, doesn’t phase the knife. Although there are some scratches to the blade, it’s still effective at cutting. Another pressure test snaps the tip off the blade, but Noss uses the remaining part to cut through steel stock.

A body weight test is also ineffective at breaking the knife; it isn’t until a while later that a pressure test is able to finally break off a large portion of the blade. But Noss isn’t done yet. He uses what’s left to cut through a metal pipe. Eventually the knife is worn down and comes apart in several places. At the end, Noss does specify that the knife would have withstood the destruction test, but an error on his part broke the knife.

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