MidwayUSA’s YouTube Channel Mysteriously Disappears


MidwayUSA’s YouTube Channel Mysteriously Disappears

Questions arose last week when the content on MidwayUSA’s YouTube channel was removed. Speculation on Reddit’s firearms forum led to two theories: complaints from anti-gun activists or an overactive copyright infringement bot that automatically removes videos. However, because there are many gun-related channels on YouTube–as well as thousands of videos by individual hobbyists–it’s likely that it’s a technical error. Past disputes with other channels have often resulted in channels being fully restored, so hopefully it’s just a matter of time before Midway’s official channel is back up and running.

A representative from MidwayUSA told a Calguns.net forum user that they were investigating the issue. There’s no mention of the channel issue on Midway’s social networking accounts.

The good news is that you can still view all of MidwayUSA’s videos on their website. If you haven’t perused their videos before, they’re definitely worth checking out. They feature very informative information about gunsmithing, general firearm maintenance, gun handling, modifications, and more.

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