Best Resources for Everyday Carry


Best Resources for Everyday Carry

Last week, we covered some of the best websites to read if you’re interested in general everyday carry culture. This week, we’re taking a more focused view and have rounded up some great sites about specific gear. I like to have a mix of both in my newsfeed for when I’m on the hunt for unique items or if I’m in the process of reevaluating my EDC.

There are many smaller, personal blogs that discuss items in depth, but they’d be much too numerous to name. So, in the interest of providing the best recommendations, we’ve weeded out sites that aren’t regularly updated. We also take web design, writing quality, and readership into account.


Although Carryology is a project by wallet company Bellroy, they’re one of the best sites around for a comprehensive look at ways to, quite literally, carry your gear. Carryology features gear reviews, company news, and posts by experts and enthusiasts from around the world. Their website is also beautifully designed, and their writers are active on Pinterest and elsewhere around the web.


PackConfig is written and curated by U.K.-based graphic designer Nat Wagstaff. PackConfig is a Tumblr-hosted blog, but Wagstaff focuses on original content and writes extensive reviews and articles on topics related to packs. He also has regular features such as Fast Pack Friday, in which he profiles the pack setup of popular gear writers and companies.

The Pen Addict

Plenty of love is given to the most popular EDC items like knives, packs, and flashlights, but it’s easy to forget that the other items are important, too. The Pen Addict is an excellent source for all things pertaining to writing. Blogger Brad Dowdy puts pens through standardized tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the design and the ink. Dowdy also┬ácovers notebooks, and he hosts a podcast.

Layman’s Lights

As the title suggests, this site is great for layman. While founder Dave Wise does include specs for the lights when necessary, he makes sure to focus on the details most people need when shopping for a flashlight. Wise also takes great photos of the lights he covers so you have an idea of what to expect if you buy one of your own.

Knives and Survival

Although this site ventures into survivalist content, it’s primarily focused on knives and knife reviews. Aside from just reviewing particular knives, this site also covers the logistics of owning a knife for certain uses such as tactical, survival, and hunting. They also go into detail about knife blade shapes and materials, so it’s a great site for learning the basics.

For more knife reviews, I suggest checking out some of the general EDC blogs we mentioned last week, as knives tend to be popular items to discuss. Next week, we’ll be covering social networks and forums for EDC content.

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