Cold Steel Bushman Destruction Test

   06.03.14 Cold Steel Bushman Destruction Test

This week’s destruction test features the Cold Steel Bushman, an inexpensive survival knife that claims to be “[one of] the strongest survival/outdoor knives in the world [for the money]!” At $37.49 through Cold Steel’s website, it’s not your average survival knife.

“Unlike most hollow handled survival knives, there is no joint or seam between the blades and handles that requires a mechanical fastener,” says Cold Steel’s website.

Claims like that don’t often go untested as evident in this destruction test. Noss begins by hammering the blade through a plank of wood, which it chips at quickly. First the blade edge is tested, and then the tip. So far, the knife holds up well against wood, a good sign for a bushcraft knife. It also chips away efficiently at a slab of concrete when used sans hammer, and Noss shows in a closeup to the camera that minimal edge damage is taken. The mallet on the blade speeds up the process of breaking the concrete.

After this test, Noss proceeds to slamming the knife on all sides against a 2 x 4. Not much happens here, so another concrete test is followed by a metal test, which results in a minor break to the tip. This doesn’t prevent the knife from slicing through a metal chair. Eventually, the metal takes a chunk out of the blade edge, and the knife later succumbs to breakage after a tension test.

Check out the six-part destruction test below as a playlist. Catch up on previous knife tests at

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