Cold Steel Bushman Vibrating Test

   06.17.14 Cold Steel Bushman Vibrating Test

This week’s is the third part in a three-part test of the Cold Steel Bushman. Noss has put this knife through the wringer, starting first with a destruction test and then with a spear test that projected the blade against various materials. And for this vibration test, Noss uses the same knife that went through that test.

This is a short test by Noss standards, clocking in at around 11 minutes. A vibration test is conducted by stabilizing an item and adding vibration until the item responds–in this case, when the knife breaks.

Noss does this by embedding the blade into a block of wood with a mallet and subsequently adding vibrations. At around the 9 minute mark, the blade has broken in two.

The Cold Steel Bushman, which retails for about $38 through their website, is a great and unconventional bushcraft knife that stood up admirably well against Noss’ tests. That’s not bad for a uniquely-designed budget blade, and it might be one to check out for your kit.

Watch the two-part video below, and catch up on past tests at

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