The Most Useful Tool on the Planet. And Beyond.


The Most Useful Tool on the Planet. And Beyond.

This morning, a cosmonaut on the International Space Station wielded a knife–in space. This morning, NASA streamed footage of cosmonauts of Expedition 40 conducting a space walk at the ISS. One cosmonaut pulled out their trusty knife to complete tasks, and if you’re like me, I was instantly curious to know what kind of knife it was.┬áReferred to as a “cutter” in the livestream, a friend of mine speculated that it’s a simple boot knife, but we have been unable to identify it. These photos here aren’t clear enough to discern many details, but check ’em out:



The video stream is expected to be played again here at around 3 p.m. EST if you want to catch up, and perhaps you help us identify the knife just for curiosity’s sake. (And watch some great footage of space, since that’s pretty cool too. “All Outdoor” does include space, right?)

(Thanks to my friend Jason for the screenshots!)

Update: Here are a few additional screenshots of the knife in the toolbox:


Any takers? That handle is starting to look familiar.

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