CTD Rough Use Destruction Test

   07.08.14 CTD Rough Use Destruction Test

This week’s destruction test features the CTD (Cheaper Than Dirt) Rough Use fixed blade knife. This knife is no longer available through CTD’s website, but they still have a page with the knife stats. The Rough Use is a large knife, clocking in at 13.5″ overall. CTD says the knife is “build to be abused,” so naturally, Noss puts that to the test.

The test begins by slicing fruit, which is almost comical given the length and size of the knife. It does well enough at this as well as carving notches into a piece of wood and slicing through webbing. A few whacks of the hammer on the knife spine splinters a rough piece of wood with ease. Noss remarks that he’s unsure of what kind of tang the knife has as it holds up fine during this part of the test.

Noss drives the knife, tip first, into wood and metal, and little happens to the blade. The edge stays sharp enough to slice large chunks off of a block of concrete. The tang eventually wears out during an additional concrete test, in which the pressure is placed on the tip of the blade and a mallet is hammered onto the handle.

Following this, two body weight tests–during which Noss stands on the handle of the knife as the blade is clamped down–don’t effect the knife. A flex test also proves to be no match for this knife, although the blade is starting to show some damage. But even hammering through stock metal doesn’t mess up the edge, as Noss remarks, surprised by the knife’s resilience. A pressure test is finally what dooms this knife, separating the blade from the handle, but it puts up a mighty good fight.

View the 8-part destruction test below, and catch up on past destruction tests at Next week, we’ll share the CTD Rough Use cutting test.

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