New Laser Trainer for 22 Calibers


New Laser Trainer for 22 Calibers

Laser training is a good way to hone your shooting skills and/or keep them sharp. With a sound-activated laser, you can practice dry-firing while seeing approximately where the bullet would have impacted had you fired a round. This saves ammo, of course, and also allows you to practice at home with the gun you’d be using if you were at the range.

Laserlyte has been making laser shooting aids for some time now, and they recently announced the LT-LR Laser Trainer for .22 Caliber Firearms. This device slips into the muzzle of a 22-caliber firearm (the barrel must be at least 1.875 inches long) and is retained there by friction. You then dry-fire your gun, and the LT-LR will “hear” the click, which activates the laser for 100 milliseconds, simulating bullet impact.

Laserlyte LT-LR Laser Trainer for 22 Caliber
Laserlyte LT-LR Laser Trainer for 22 Caliber (Photo courtesy of Laserlyte)

Naturally, you should unload your gun before you even think about using this device, and I recommend you store the ammo wherever you store the LT-LR when it’s not in use. That way, you will be reminded to remove the LT-LR from your gun before you load it.

The new LT-LR is for 22-caliber firearms, which are widely popular. Besides the ever-popular 22 rimfire chamberings, it will also work with centerfire calibers such as 222 Rem, 223 Rem, 22 Hornet, 22-250, 220 Swift et al. You get the picture.

The LT-LR only adds about an inch to the length of your gun, so it shouldn’t make your shooting iron unwieldy.

Many guns can be safely dry-fired (hammer or striker allowed to fall with no ammo in the chamber) without damaging them, but this is not true of rimfire guns. Dry-firing rimfires usually allows the firing pin to hit the edge of the chamber, which will peen the chamber and/or damage the firing pin. For this reason, you should use some sort of snap cap (device that cushions the blow of the firing pin) any time you dry fire a rimfire firearm.

Since 22 ammo is so scarce and expensive due to jerks who lie in wait to snatch it all up whenever a shipment arrives, laser training can allow you to keep your shooting skills in good shape while you wait for that bank loan or line of credit you’ll need before you can buy some ammo.

LaserLyte® LT-LR Specifications:

  • Compatible Firearms: 22 caliber bore, minimum barrel length 1.875 inch
  • Activated by: Sound of striker or hammer
  • Battery:  One 1632 Lithium
  • Battery Life: 10,000 shots
  • Weight: 5 ounces/142 grams
  • Length: 3 inches (adds about an inch to your gun when installed)
  • Minimum Diameter: 0.20 inches
  • Maximum Diameter: 0.76 inches
  • MSRP: $109.95
  • Website:
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