Jerry Miculek’s 1,000 Yard Shot: So What?


Jerry Miculek’s 1,000 Yard Shot: So What?

There’s no doubt that professional shooter Jerry Miculek is good. He’s proven that he is, time and time again. The latest Miculek hype results from a video in which he is seen touting his signature model Smith & Wesson Model 929 9mm revolver and Hornady ammo, and hitting a steel plate at 1,000 yards, breaking a balloon with the resulting bullet splatter.

This is very good shooting, don’t get me wrong. But ultimately, so what? Will it sell some S&W guns, Hornady ammo, and Vortex red dot sights? Probably. Does it mean the 9mm is a better cartridge than we thought? Nope. Does it mean that any shooter can get one of those guns, slap on an identical sight, cram it full of Hornady groceries, and make the same shot? Maybe.

I say “maybe” because I believe just about anyone can do it, given enough time and ammo. The video shows two shots; if you think those are the only two shots he fired at that distance, you’re mistaken. With some time, discipline, and care, I could make that shot, and you probably could, too. And you wouldn’t need to use the same gun/sight/ammo that he did.

But in the end, we didn’t do it; Jerry did. So kudos to him, for whatever it’s worth.

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