Video: After Robberies, These Grandmothers Went to WAR


Video: After Robberies, These Grandmothers Went to WAR

Ah, such a lovely tale, and absolutely all-American.

Two friends, both of whom had been robbed, watched crime on the rise in their neighborhood and decided to do something about it. They decided to start a group to help others protect themselves–and they just happen to be grandmas.

They are Robin Reatherford-Willoughby and Konnie Couch, grandmothers who run businesses near one another in Aurora, Indiana. After crime hit them where they live and work, they each began carrying firearms, and they went to WAR to help others.

More specifically, they founded Women Armed and Ready (WAR), “dedicated to empowering women in education, preparation and competence in firearm safety and the use of firearms.”

After being “in development” for a couple of years, the group first met on May 6, 2014. A recent article stated there were 35 members, but that is likely to rise as more folks hear about WAR. Interestingly, they say that 40 is the fewest participants they’ve had at any given meeting.

All members are licensed to carry concealed firearms, and their ages range from 50 to 81 – but women of all ages are invited to join WAR. The ladies join for various reasons, but all want the same thing: to feel safe and to be able to defend themselves.

Training and education are the goals of WAR. Empowering women to protect themselves from any threat is what they want most, and they do it with twice-monthly meetings and shooting sessions at the range.

“Women Armed and Ready provides education in firearms training, safe firearms storage, state and local… laws, second amendment… recognizing and reacting to harmful situations. Founded by women who have… been in dangerous circumstances and recognizing that… a police officer can’t always be there in time.”

I love to see citizens becoming safer and more self-sufficient, and Women Armed and Ready are making a real difference in their community. Kinda makes you want to start something similar in your own area, doesn’t it?

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