Video: Home Invasion Victim Torn Between Death and Forgiveness


Video: Home Invasion Victim Torn Between Death and Forgiveness

Two men in masks reportedly invaded a home in Katy, Texas, assaulted and restrained the two male occupants, and threatened one with death.

And then he shot them.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, was in his bedroom when his world was suddenly turned upside-down.

“Two masked men busted in the door, jumped on top of me, put their hands over my mouth, duct taped my wrists, duct taped my ankles, then flipped me over on my stomach, put me in a headlock, tried to choke me out. I faked fainting, and played dead.”

The bad guys went about ransacking the house as he lay there. In another room, his friend’s son was also restrained.

“I looked up once, fifteen minutes into it, and the guy said ‘if you look up again, we’ll kill ya.'”

The jerks tried to get into his gun safe, and failed. Then they left the room, and he quickly got his gun and waited.

“I had the gun pointed at the door. The door opened and I unloaded on ’em.”

He fired every round of ammunition, hitting two of the thieves, who so richly deserved to be shot. A third one managed to escape unharmed.

The two miscreants that were hit underwent surgery and were expected to recover. The victim said he was of two minds regarding the welfare of the men who had brutalized him and his friend’s son.

“Part of me wishes I’d killed ’em and part of me wishes to forgive ’em and hopes they turn their lives around.”

In typical overreaction, authorities reportedly put three area schools on lockdown.

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