Kansas City, MO Relaxes Ban on Open Carry – Because it Had To


Kansas City, MO Relaxes Ban on Open Carry – Because it Had To

Kansas City, Missouri – The Kansas City Council banned openly-carried firearms this summer, but recently had to amend the ban–or allow everyone to carry openly. While some are reporting this as a lift of the ban, it’s really just a modification.

The Missouri state senate’s Bill 656, which contains many pro-gun facets as well as strict regulations on the carrying of firearms, was vetoed by governor Jay Nixon when it passed. There was plenty of support for it in the state legislature, though, so they overrode his veto.

In perhaps one of the dumbest statements ever, Governor Nixon reportedly said, “I cannot condone putting firearms in the hands of educators. Arming teachers will not make our schools safer.”

Thankfully, the people’s representatives ensured that the governor’s anti-gun bias doesn’t matter in this case.

Because it is now law, local prohibitions on carrying firearms–such as the Kansas City ban mentioned above–were negated. If the city council had left this summer’s ban in place, it would ironically have meant that anyone could openly carry a firearm in the city, reported the Kansas City Star.

By modifying their city’s law, the council ensures that only citizens who has applied for and received the proper paperwork may carry a firearm openly or concealed within city limits. The legislation allows police to challenge open-carriers, who must produce their “concealed carry endorsement or permit upon demand of a law enforcement officer.”

Personally, I don’t endorse open carry in most situations. One reason is that you might get your gun stolen, like this guy did.


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