Sure Strike Laser Training Ammunition


Sure Strike Laser Training Ammunition

Most revolvers have excellent inherent accuracy. Several competent shooters have demonstrated the ability to hit silhouette targets out to 200 yards even with 2-inch snubbies. However, revolvers remain difficult for new shooters to master, mainly because of the heavy and long double action trigger pull. Shooting a lot would help with learning trigger control, but the cost of ammunition and, more importantly, the wear on the shooter’s hand from firing lightweight carry guns extensively usually precludes extensive live fire practice. Dry firing is a partial solution, but it doesn’t provide the feedback on accuracy. Shooting .22LR–if you can find the ammo–in a similar gun also helps, but requires range time just like shooting 357Mag.


Laser simulators provide a viable alternative to live fire. Sure Strike laser ammunition package contains six 38/357 cartridges, sufficient for most revolver models and also useable in .357Mag auto pistols like Coonan and lever action carbines. Each “cartridge” contains a laser and its button battery. Activation is by firing pin strike on a switch, so the batteries don’t run down while the simulator is “waiting” for the audio signature of a dropped firing pin.


I found that the laser ammunition worked just as described. The duration of the laser impulse was just long enough to verify correct shot follow-up. For safety, live ammunition should be kept away from the training site. The firearm should also be carefully checked before carry to ensure that no laser cartridges mix in with nickel-plated cases of live ammunition.


The package also contains several highly reflective target cards for practicing fine trigger control. In addition to aimed fire practice, it would be worth practicing point shooting for getting the quickest effective first short right from the holster.


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