Homeowner Returns Burglar’s Fire, Ends His Criminal Career


Homeowner Returns Burglar’s Fire, Ends His Criminal Career

Sarasota, FL – When Chris Bane heard breaking glass at 5:40 AM, he got his recently-acquired gun and went to face the threat. His home had been broken into three times recently, and he needed to protect his home, himself, and above all, his 11-year-old son.

Bane reportedly confronted a young man who had broken into his home. The intruder, Calvin Yoder, then fired at Bane. Bane returned fire, hitting and killing the burglar.

While it appears that this was a perfectly reasonable thing to do, Mr. Bane was distraught about the crime, and posted a lament on Facebook saying as much. Apparently he knew Yoder, who had made a career of crime and by age 22 had been arrested numerous times for battery and burglary and had reportedly served time in prison.

Neighbors stated hopes that a recent crime wave in their normally-tranquil neighborhood will end now that one of the apparent perpetrators had faced the ultimate penalty for his crimes.

I hope so, too.

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