Video: The Star-Spangled Banner for Shooters


Video: The Star-Spangled Banner for Shooters

Hey, we’re all patriots here. Well, most of us anyhow. And we generally show it in our own individual way.

A YouTube video posted in August features a lone rifleman plinking out the Star-Spangled Banner on a musical steel target, using a Ruger 10/22 rifle. The rhythm ain’t much, and the whole thing could have been improved if he’d had a loader and two rifles (to shorten the gaps when he had to reload), but all in all it’s pretty cool.

The video, seen below, was posted by Musical Targets, a small Colorado-based company founded by three guys, that makes and sells steel targets that have a real ring to them. Not a musician? No sweat. They include a songbook for your shooting/playing enjoyment.

Playing with guns never sounded so good.

Whoever wrote their website data seems cool enough. From their “About us” page: “Dropped a target on your toe? It hurts, we know. Ice it and have a beer.”

I could use a set of these to review and set up for my hunting/shooting club… hint hint… hey Chas, Adam, and Charlie, are you getting this?

And now, please enjoy the Star-Spangled Banner performed in a most American way – with a rifle.

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