DIY: Homemade 410 Rifled 4-Barrel Staple Gun. Huh?


DIY: Homemade 410 Rifled 4-Barrel Staple Gun. Huh?

What do you do when you have a staple gun and some spare time on your hands? Well, if you’re like me, you overhaul the staple gun to diagnose its woes and build a new buffer so it can once again be used to tack up targets at the range, as I did a couple days ago.

If you’re like YouTube user Clint Westwood, you turn it into a functioning, four-barrel firearm.

Yep. Although he happily admits he’s not a gunsmith, he managed to create a repeating firearm that fires using a staple gun mechanism. As Westwood said on his YouTube description, “It’s big and ugly and heavy and cartoonish and makes a loud boom.”

The four barrels are built into a revolving assembly, which rotates manually around a central pivot. Like most staple guns, it doesn’t have a hair trigger. It takes about 28 pounds of force to fire the gun. Happily, it’s a whole-palm push rather than a one-finger pull.

He rifled the barrels himself, using this homemade tool.

Four shells can be loaded at once and could be fired relatively rapidly by a shooter familiar with the gun’s operation.


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