CCW Breakaways Carry Solution


CCW Breakaways Carry Solution

Traditionally, throwing a gun in your pocket has been viewed with disfavor. The practice is seldom safe and usually requires a lot of time to get the pistol out because the pocket openings are too narrow for the grip combined with the firing grip around it. The defender then has to flatten the hand to get it and the gun out of the pocket, then re-grip the gun for firing.There’s got to be a better way!

Steyr M40 fits the pocket easily and comes out fast.


Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat turned me onto CCW Breakaways at the 2012 NRA Show. I approached them without high hopes but their design actually works. The pant pockets are reinforced to carry weight, lined to eliminate printing, and are adjustable in size to accommodate anything from a peashooter to a full-size 45. A friend who works in more restrictive environment than I do actually wears a Rock Island 1911 in his pocket.

CCW breakaways work equally well for men and women.

Being able to go from very casual to extremely purposeful in a second can be a tactical advantage. Unlike belt carry, pocket carry doesn’t require a cover garment. It also allows a firing grip without anyone knowing about it.

The weight of a Keltec PF9 is barely perceptible to the user.
The weight of a Keltec PF9 is barely perceptible to the user.

A full size Steyr M40 rides comfortably in such a pocket. For extra safety with guns lacking manual safeties, plastic inserts are available to make the area over the trigger guard impermeable to pressure.The key to getting the gun out easily is to apply pressure up and outward, popping the two rivets at the pocket mouth. The opening instantly doubles in size and allows a rapid draw. When closed, the rivets are not visible.

Pocket mag carriers are also available. The whole system impressed me as very well thought out, so I’ve used it on an off for two years with pistols ranging from Keltec P32 to M1911 to 4-inch L-frame .357Mag. It turns out the carry can be comfortable without compromising speed of access.

Draw time is only a fraction different from using a belt holster with a cover garment.
Draw time is only a fraction different from using a belt holster with a cover garment.

At this time, I use CCW Breakaways jeans, slacks, and cargo pants. Cargo pants are the most useful, as additional pockets hold spare magazines, a cell phone, a knife, and other accessories. All garments are made of fairly heavy cloth, so they work up to about 90*F weather. In warmer weather, they are too hot for comfort, especially around the reinforced areas. The nylon reinforcements also come up on the perv-scanners operated by TSA creatures infesting our nation’s airports.

In my experience, the best firearms to use for pocket carry are mid to large polymer frames semi-autos like CZ P07 or P09. Because the upper thigh moves up and down with every step, heavier guns become uncomfortable after a while. Revolvers work, but the swell of the cylinder concentrates pressure in one area. Of the many unorthodox carry methods I’ve seen, CCW Breakaways is among the few I like enough to practice and to recommend to my friends.

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