One-Handed Pistol Shot at 104 Yards, While Holding Horses


One-Handed Pistol Shot at 104 Yards, While Holding Horses

Austin, TX – A guy named Larry Steve McQuilliams decided to rain bullets upon government buildings in downtown Austin several days ago. He was well aware of the consequences and was apparently ready for them: He reportedly had the words “let me die” written on his chest.

Considering that, perhaps it’s apt that the bullet that ended his criminal career hit him in the chest.

Sgt. Adam Johnson was reportedly holding a pair of horses by the reins when he spotted the shooter firing at the police headquarters building. Holding the┬áhorses’ reins in one hand, he drew and aimed his .40-caliber pistol with his other hand, and squeezed off a shot.

The bullet reportedly struck McQuilliams in the chest and killed him.

Johnson appeared humbled by the event, not eager for the public spotlight nor ready to take credit for the shot, which was said to have been taken at a range of 312 feet. That’s 104 yards – more than a football field, as they say on TV.

When he spoke to the press, police Chief Art Acevedo said Johnson believed that divine intervention had a lot to do with the effectiveness of his shot.

It’s not clear what the bad guy was trying to accomplish other than suicide by cop. Police and other authorities will likely use this event to further the cause of militarizing police, already labeling the shooter an extremist and home-grown terrorist, rather than simply calling him what he is: A criminal.

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