Man Shoots Wife to be With Stripper, Claims he Was Shooting at Intruder


Man Shoots Wife to be With Stripper, Claims he Was Shooting at Intruder

Oklahoma City, OK – Kinney Glasson, 33, called the police around 3:00 AM. He told them an intruder had come into his bedroom, he’d grabbed a gun to defend himself, but shot his wife instead of the bad guy because the intruder jostled his arm. Police searched the neighborhood for suspects but never found any.

About a week later, they arrested Glasson for murdering his wife, 41-year-old Erin Glasson.

It’s not clear just how much of his home invasion story was initially believed by police, but neighbors doubted it from the beginning. Two neighbors were quoted in an article at

“I was skeptical about it being a home invasion in the middle of the night at 3 in the morning… I’m licensed to carry a firearm, which I do have next to my bed, and I just find that kind of odd that the wife would get struck that way accidentally.” – Linda Piro

“[He] kind of distanced himself from others, you know, he didn’t really talk to anybody or make eye contact with anybody, so that was kind of a suspicion to me.” – Bolu Onifade

It was later revealed that Kinney was in a relationship with a 24-year-old stripper named Reva Ann Smith (in jail on unrelated charges at the time of the killing), that he had told her he was an FBI agent (which he is not), and that he was working on divorcing his wife Erin so he could be with Smith. Smith was as surprised as anyone else to learn that Kinney had killed his wife, and a relative described her as “devastated.”

There is no record that the Glassons ever filed for divorce.

Probably the worst part of this sad situation is that the couple’s 5-year-old daughter is now deprived of both parents, although a child is likely better off without the influence of a wife-killing, philandering, lying father.

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