Red Lobster Thief Foiled by Concealed-Carrier


Red Lobster Thief Foiled by Concealed-Carrier

Ah, guns. They can make the world so much more civil.

Like when a 28-year-old crook reportedly decided to enter a Red Lobster restaurant, use a gun to threaten customers and employees, and steal the cash drawer from a cash register.

Wait, that’s not the civil part.

After he took the drawer and fled out the back of the restaurant, he reportedly confronted a customer who was attempting to flee the area.


The customer was armed with a concealed handgun. He drew his gun and fired one round. The robber, understandably shaken, dropped the cash drawer and fled.

Police later arrested the baddie.

If the customer hadn’t been armed, it’s possible that nobody ever would have taught the crook any manners. Now he knows that there are consequences to his actions. Bad actions generally beget bad consequences.

Most of us learn that lesson without having to be shot at. It’s the rest of the population that cause us to own and carry guns.

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