Slow-Motion Guns Firing


Slow-Motion Guns Firing

I ran across this on reddit and found it mildly interesting.

A shooter took some slow-motion video of himself firing a couple of pistols.

Slow Motion Centerfire Pistol Firing
Slow Motion Centerfire Pistol Firing. (Image: reddit user mmc205)

He described this one as a 1911, although it doesn’t seem to have an exposed hammer.

Slow Motion 22 Rimfire Pistol Firing
Slow Motion 22 Rimfire Pistol Firing. (Image: reddit user mmc205)

He said the second pistol is a Browning Buckmark 22. Not sure why his pinky is floating out there instead of helping him grip the gun–kinda dainty.

It helps illustrate the difference between the two pistols’ actions pretty well.

For more details you can check out the reddit thread.

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